Twine Episode 22


Since i was thrown back into the system of unemployment, i found myself getting lazier by the day. All i do is cook, eat, crawl under my duvet and sleep off. Sleeping soothed me, it made me feel a whole lot better. I ignored the foul smell from the days old unwashed plates and pots in the kitchen. Richmond called me several times but i ignored his calls. I missed calls from Victoria and my parents too. Even Dantata had called once or twice i am not sure but i just wanted to stay in my own world forever.
I heard someone pounding on my door aggressively, i thought whoever it was would go away but the pounding persisted and i found myself dragging my feet to answer the door.
Two men with bushy beards and bloodshot eyes were the cause of the pounding.
” Good morning. How may i help you?”
” Are you Tomi Adebola?” One of them asked, revealing a set of irritating yellowish brown teeth.
” Yes. What do you want?”
” We are from Area F police station and we have a warrant to search your house” Brown teeth said, flashing me an Id card.
” Why do you want search my house and who sent you?”
” We advise that you keep your mouth shut because whatever you say here will be used against you in the court of law”. the other one declared.
They forced their way into my living room. One of them tripped on my heels which was on the floor and he almost kissed the ground if not for the timely intervention of his partner. They both gave me a look which spoke volumes and started searching the place.
” Who sent you? ” i asked, following them.
My mind was reeling with questions. I had no beef with anyone and i wasn’t involved in any iillegal thing so i don’t know why they will have a warrant to search my place. One of them carried the box which i had brought home with me into the living room. I was going to sort out the items in it but i forgot to do so.
” There’s nothing in there! Just junks!” I informed them.
They brought out the mug, some devotionals, three dusty novels, broken pencils and a pen. A big spider crawled out of the box and landed on the hand of the police man. It was so hilarious watching him jump up, trying to whisk off the offending thing crawling on his hand. He managed to brush it off and squashed it under his over worn shoes. He continued searching through the box and i suddenly felt fear p—k at my heart. Why didn’t i sort out this box days ago?
A big emerald stone was at the bottom of the box.He held up the emerald ring in his hand, a triumphant smile on his scarred face. Someone had planted a pearl stone in my box.
” That is not mine” i shouted.
” Of course we know it is not yours!” he scoff.
He brought out a sleek shiny handcuffs, he curved my hands behind my back, twisting it very hard.
” I don’t know who plant it there!”
They read me my rights and one of them carried the box in the crook of his arm.
” Please i need to take my phone” .
” You will use the one at the station. ”
They pushed me out of the living room. The cold cuffs bit into my flesh, i felt tears sting my eyes. I knew who was behind this set up. Only one name comes to mind.
To be continued..