Twine Episode 23


I was locked in a dingy little cell with no air. The only food they pushed under the cell iron gate was a plate of watery beans with a big tse tse fly in the middle of it. They refused to let me call my family. The cell reeked of urine and stale sweat of thousands of people who had been in it before me, i sat in a corner of the tiny cell with no water in my system for almost 48 hours. I wondered if anyone will miss me, will Vicky check up on me if she didn’t hear from me? Or Rich? Or Dantata?
Several hours later, the cell was opened by a female police, she beckoned me to come out. My legs were wobbly and i smelled like a day old poo. I followed her out on shaky legs, maybe Linda had decided to pardon me or perharps my parents had been notified.
Standing across the counter was Linda, Oyinye and a guy. Our gaze met and locked but his face betrayed nothing.
” See her! this girl is a crazy girl!” Oyinye screamed. ” Officer has she confessed? ”
” What i can’t seem to understand is why you will stoop so low” Linda said. ” Haven’t i been fair enough to you? ”
” Ladies we are here to see the DPO. ” Kelvin said, his eyes searching my face. ” Please take her back to the cell officer ”
” Thief! after all your boss has done for you! ”
I saw the guy give Oyinye a look which shut her up immediately. He propelled both ladies towards the DPO’ s office and i was led back to my cell.
That evening i was set free on bail. I don’t know who was kind enough to bail me but i was glad to be out of that hell hole. The cool evening breeze raised up my hair, it caressed my face Lightly and i inhaled the sweet air through my nostril trying to clear out the bad one i had inhaled in the cell. I saw him walking towards me and i tensed up. What was he doing here?
” I will take you home” he said. ” Come with me”
I followed him in silence. we got into his car and he drove me home. My door was still ajar, i was ashamed to take him into my apartment knowing how foul smelling it must be by now but i couldn’t turn him away. We entered the stinky living room, i was heading towards the kitchen but he asked me to go take my bath instead. By the time i finally shook off shame after having my bath, i Walked into my living room and stopped in shock.
The room was smelling so nice and it was neat. He sat down on one of the sofa, his long legs stretched out in front of him.
” Tomi are you ready to eat?” He asked.
” Eat? where did the food come from?”
” I thought you would never come out of the bathroom so i took the liberty of putting this place together and i also drove down the street to get you some bites”
” Thank you……..” I trailed off, realizing that i didn’t even know his name and he had rescued me on several occasions. I wonder what connection he had with Linda and why he had bailed me.
” Kelvin” he drawled out.
Kelvin. The name suited him.” Thank you” I went into the kitchen and stooped short. The stack of dirty plates and pots in the sink was gone, i couldn’t find it anywhere in the kitchen.
” Where are my plates and pots!?”
” I threw them out.” He shouted.
I groaned and bit my lips so i won’t tell him something i might end up regretting. The food was in a fancy carrier bag on the kitchen counter. I carried it back to the living room, upon inspection i found a plastic spoon in it, i started eating the fried rice, chewing it slowly. I knew he was staring at me, i could feel the hotness spread through me.
” Kelvin, i didn’t steal that ring…..”
” I know.” He said.
I looked at him in surprise. ” How do you know that?”
” I know what Linda is capable of”
I nodded my head. ” Are you related to her?”
He let out a sigh.” She’s a family friend. I was at their place when the DPO called her that they had picked up the……the …..” He looked uncomfortable.
” The thief? ” I guessed.
” Errm no. The criminal…… her father insisted that i follow her and i am glad now that i did. ”
” Did she know you bailed me?”
” No but there’s nothing she can do about it.”
” Kelvin…… thank you”
” You are welcome.” He stood up.” Will you be alright? ” he asked.
” Yes.”
” Good. See you tomorrow “. He said.
” Good night “.
” Lock the door and tuck yourself into bed on time ” he said, giving me a warm smile.
To be continued.