Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 6


​Doctor Manuel’s home was a house in the Government Reserved Area(G.R.A) and from the interior of the house, it was obvious she was a sophisticated woman. Emerald and Doctor Manuel were met outside by her daughter Sophia. She was nice and friendly to Emerald.
“Sophia, this is Emerald, Emmy, meet my daughter.” Doctor Manuel introduced them both to each other
. “Nice meeting you Emerald, welcome to our house, you are beautiful by the way.” Sophia said enthusiastically. 
“Thank you. You are very pretty too.” Emerald said smiling while looking down at her toes.
A few weeks later Doctor Manuel called Emerald to speak to her. 
“Emerald, what are your plans for the future now?” Emerald sighed.
 “Well, I wanted to be a lawyer but my education has since stopped and there is no money for me to go to school. I wanted to write UTME and SSCE but there was no money, that was when hell began in my family.”
Doctor Manuel nodded. “So, what do you think about going back to school and rewriting your exams?” Emerald twisted her fingers nervously. 
“I would love to if I have the means ma.” Doctor Manuel nodded and went into a deep thinking.
 “Hmmm! I will sponsor your education and your examinations but there is this scholarship exam that you can take, it is mainly for those who wants to study Law, it will take you through university and Law school, do you think you can pass the exams?”
Emerald went on her knees. “Yes ma, I can. Thank you ma, for what you have been doing for me, I will not disappoint you ma.” Doctor Manuel nodded. 
“I will enroll you in school next week and your brother sent a letter.” She gave Emerald the letter, the contents of the letter was to seek the welfare of Emerald and she in return sent him another letter explaining how her life had changed the past few weeks. After then Emerald resolved in her mind to achieve her dreams in life and make her late mother proud.
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A year after Doctor Manuel brought Emerald home, she did her SSCE and UTME both she passed excellently, she also got admission into Imperial University. “Aunty, aunty where are you?” Emerald ran into the house shouthing excitedly. Doctor Manuel who was in the kitchen came out at Emerald’s call.
“Emmy, why are you shouting?” Emerald started dancing. 
“He has done it for me, what my papa cannot do, he has done it for me.” She embraced Doctor Manuel and squealed with delight. “Aunty see, they’ve awarded me the scholarship. They will pay my tution fees and Law school bills, everything.” Doctor Manuel smiled. 
“Oh! Thank God. See Emerald, everything is working out, am so happy for you.”
Emerald smiled. “Yes aunty but if not for you, I wouldn’t be here today, you were the one that gave me hope and helped to regained my purpose in life thank you for being there for me and my brother aunty.”
Doctor Manuel shook her head. “No, don’t Emmy, both of you are my children now, I want to see you succeed in life, both of you, that is my prayer.” Emerald smiled. 
“We will succeed, I promise and we will make you proud, we won’t disappoint you.” Doctor Manuel smiled. 
“Good girl, come let’s go eat, we will celebrate when your brother visits and Sophia comes back from school.”