Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 7


​“Congratulations Emmy.” Sophia embraced her.
 “Thank you Soph, I am so happy.” Jofin walked in at that moment, it was one of his visit days to see his sister.
 “Sista mi, ki lon sele?(Sister, what is happening.)” Emerald smiled and hugged him. 
“Jofin, you are here. I got the scholarship.” She said to him while he looked stunned by the news. 
“You are not messing with me right?” He asked her.
She laughed. “No, of course it’s true.” He lifted her off her feet while he whirled her around.
 “Yes, God am so happy. Congratulations, I am proud of you.” Emerald smiled.
 “Thanks. Oh! Sophia meet my brother Jofin. Jofin, meet aunty’s daughter, Sophia.”
Jofin extended his hand while she shook it. “Nice to meet you Jofin.” Jofin smiled lazily. 
“Same here Sophia.” She quickly withdrew her hand from his.
 “I will leave you both to talk.” And with that Sophia ran out of the room.
“Jofin! Jofin!” Emerald shook her brother lightly. He shook his head.
 “Yes, what did you say?” Emerald started laughing. 
“You were practically drooling bro, you like what you saw?” He sighed heavily.
“Emmy, is she taken? Please say no. Ha! She is ethereal.” He said dreamily.
 “I have never seen you like this but she is like a little sister to me, don’t hurt her feelings o.” He nodded.
 “I won’t. You know me well, I won’t let you down please.” She smiled. 
“Talk to aunty about it, her words are final.” He smiled. 
“Ok, I will do just that.”
Doctor Manuel met them talking and chatted with them for a while, thereafter she announced that they will all be going out to celebrate Emerald’s scholarship and admission into the university. When the day was over, Jofin left with the promise of coming back again to visit them all soon.
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Two years later, the relationship between Jofin and Sophia had bloomed into a love affair albeit a decent one. Emerald was now in her second year in the university, she had good grades and her CGPAwas one of the best in the Faculty of Law. Jofin joined her in the university, Doctor Manuel had decided to sponsor him through university and medical school because he was also brilliant.
Sophia was in her third year in Senior Secondary School, she was also preparing to write her final examinations. Everyone knew Emerald as an easy-going person, she was also very intelligent and one of the best three in her faculty, this was what attracted Alexis to her.
He was fair in complextion, tall, he also had a white set of teeth he used every time and an irresistible charm. In the department of International Law, he was known as ‘every woman’s dream.’
One day he decided to speak to Emerald. “Hello beautiful.” He approached her smiling. Emerald looked at him and looked around. 
“Are you talking to me?” Emerald asked stunned.
 “There is no other beauty here, so yes am talking to you.” Emerald shrugged.
 “Okay afternoon, what can I do for you?”
He smiled. “Emerald, I have been watching you since our first year, my heart melts whenever you smile, I am losing my reasoning just because of you.” Emerald looked confused.
 “Why would you do that hmmmm?” He quickly put in.
 “Alexis is the name.” She nodded. 
“Alexis, I doubt am the cause of all you have just mentioned.”
He sighed. “It’s because I love you, I can’t sleep without thinking of you Emerald, please give me a chance.” And so it continued for a month. He sent her flowers, chocolates, gifts and he wrote poems of love, he showered her with his attention until Emerald gave in and accepted. This marked the beginning of their relationship.
To be continued