Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 8


​“It tickles, Alexis stop it please.” Emerald was shouting and laughing while Alexis was tickling the sole of her feet. He dropped her foot and moved to kiss her. 
“No, let’s not do this.” Emerald moved away quickly. Alexis grunted. 
“Am sick of this Em. I can’t kiss you, I can’t make love to you, our relationship is eighteen(18) months now, what do you still want to know? All your time you spend on books, what am I? Tell me.”
He was pacing angrily. Emerald moved to calm him. “Alexis it’s not that, I want us to wait a bit more, afterall I will be all yours when we get married.” He sighed.
 “I know but making love now will strenghten our bond and love, we will be inseparable.” Emerald sighes heavily while she thought deeply. 
“Alright, but before that, I have something to tell you, it’s important. What about Sunday, I will visit you at home.” Alexis embraced her while smiling brightly. 
“Okay then Angel, but we have a class now so let’s go.” And with that he laid the matter to rest.
Emerald was confused with the situation between her and Alexis so she decided to tell Jofin.
 “Jo, I have a problem with Alexis, he wants to have s-x with me, he says it will strenghten our love, I later said yes but I want to tell him about the rape incident first.” Jofin sighed and thought deeply, he didn’t want Alexis to hurt his sister.
“Okay Emmy, tell him first and see what his reaction will be. I think if he truly loves you, then he should be glad to wait.” Emerald smiled. 
“Thanks Jo, I will do just that.” Sunday couldn’t come fast enough, Emerald went to visit Alexis in his apartment off-campus. “Am happy to see you darlinG, do come in.” Alexis was smiling and throwing around his usual charm. 
“Alexis, before anything else please let’s talk.” He smiled. 
“Okay my angel, am all ears.”
Emerald then proceeded to narrate herstory. “I worked for a family years ago, the father and his two sons pounced on me one night and raped me. Ever since then, I never gave my heart to any man except you now, I want you to know this so that there won’t be secrets between us.” She moved to sit beside him while he shifted from her.
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 “What! OMG, so the girl I’ve been dating is a dirty little thing and I even taught of having s-x with you. Tell me how many rounds did they go? Yet you carry yourself like a innocent virgin yet you are a f—–g w—e.”
Emerald looked at him in horror “Alexis, why are you like this, I thought you love me.” He shyed away from her. 
“Don’t touch me, everyone must hear this. Get out, out right now, it over, I don’t want to ever see you again, you filthy thing.” He barked out words as he pushed Emerald out of his apartment.
The following day, the whole faculty had learned of Emerald’s story, many people mocked her, abused her, called her cheap and dirty. Emerald couldn’t bear the humilation and did the unthinkable, she attempted suicide.
To be continued.