Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 5


​“Sista mi”(My sister). Jofin dropped his bag to embrace Emerald as soon as he saw her. 
“Jofin, how are you? See how tall you’ve grown, you are a big boy now o.” Emerald said amidst tears. 
“Am fine Emmy, I missed you so much.” he replied. 
“I missed you too Jofin.” They both laughed and embraced again but Jofin who knew his sister well enough knew she was unhappy.
“Emmy, even before the tragedy that struck our family, you had always took care of us all, you are my second mother and I know when you are sad, please tell me what bothers you.” Emerald sighed heavily.
 “Jofin please take this calmly since it is only you I can tell.”
She sighed again. “I was raped by Mr Vannak and his sons, my whole body was thoroughly abused, I was disgracefully deflowered Jofin.” She was crying heavily as she spoke. “They beat me, kicked me, hit me and then raped me for hours, they ruined my life Jofin.”
Jofin was enraged. “What!” He roared in fury. “And you expect me to be quiet? They did this to my mother, my sister. Emmy I promise you, I will have these dogs castrated, I will make their deaths slow and painful.” Emerald held and begged him.
 “Jofin please don’t, at the end of this all, I will be the one disgraced. Jo ma se bayi fun mi.(Please don’t do this to me.)” With tears streaming down his face, he held her, comforted her and promised to let the matter go.
 “From now on Emmy, I will protect you, no man will ever hurt you again, I promise.”
“Mora!(What)” Mrs Vannak shouted. 
“That filthy village w—e.” After a while, Mr Vannak and his sons afraid of Emerald telling on them, cooked up a story and told his wife in order for her to send Emerald out. On hearing this story, Mrs Vannak did as expected and sent Emerald packing.
“You have to believe me ma, I never did that, it’s late at night, please ma, I don’t have anywhere to go please.” Mrs Vannak slapped her hard. 
“Neo Bichaso? (Are you crazy?) Get out you w—e.” Emerald left and stayed in a shelter where she slept, the following morning in despair she wrote a letter to her brother, explaining all and promising to see him soon.
After sending the letter, on her way back she collapsed and luckily she was sent to the hospitals by passers-by.
 “Young lady you are very lucky.” These were the words of Doctor Manuel to Emerald. 
“What happened? How did I get here?” Doctor Manuel sighed and replied.
 “You fainted, people brought you here. You were bleeding internally when you were brought and from all evidences, it seems you’ve been hiding it.”
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Emerald looked down. “It was because I have no money for hospital bills.” She couldn’t look at Doctor Manuel’s face, she didn’t want to tell the truth either so she continued to twist her fingers nervously. 
“See young lady, I know that you were raped, your injuries, bleeding and the tests revealed this. Please am a mother, I know how it feels, tell me what happened.”
Emerald’s tears dam broke and she sobbed uncontrollably while narrating her story. 
“It is alright, you are not the first abused person I have counselled, where do you stay?” Emerald shook her head.
 “I don’t have a home ma and no parents either, my younger brother is all I have. Doctor Manuel held her hands and said to her. 
“Emerald it is fine, I guessed as much, you can come stay with me for a while, I will inform your brother’s school authorities to let him know where to find you.”
Emerald dropped to her knees and thanked Doctor Manuel profusely. 
“Ha! Thank you very much ma, may you never be stranded, God will bless you.” The next day she was discharged and she followed Doctor Manuel home.