Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 4


​Dale and Juwoh were the children of Mr and Mrs Vannak, they schooled in Skornia and only came to visit their parents during the holidays or school breaks. Dale and Juwoh were as bad as their father, they were his replica, they also could not take their eyes off the maid.
Once they knew about each other’s interests, they connived together to get what they wanted. 
“Honey, do you remember Mrs Kila?” Mrs Vannak asked her husband one evening. 
“The last neighbour we had in Skornia? What about her?” Mr Vannak asked without taking his eyes off the newspaper in his hands.
“Well, her husband died and she has invited us to come for his burial.” Mr Vannak put down the newspaper and replied. 
“You will have to go and represent the family, you know I can’t go.” He rose up to go and added. “Offer my heartfelt condolences.” Mrs Vannak smiled.
 “Oh! I will.” She was looking forward to spending ample time in Skornia.
Mrs Vannak trip was a manna from Heaven for her husband and sons. They were able to execute their plans.
 “No, please leave me alone.” Emerald pleaded earnestly while throwing things just to keep Mr Vannak and his sons at bay.
She woke up just to see hands all over her body, she tried to run but she could only go as far as a corner of the room, the door was locked.
“Don’t worry darling, we just want a taste.” She shook her head.
 “No please. Somebody help, please help me.” She screamed on top of her lungs. Dale slapped her face hard. 
“Shut up b—h.” She was held strongly by Dale and Juwoh.
“Who goes first?” Juwoh asked slightly bemused.
 “Let father do the honours Juwoh.” Dale replied his brother while trying not to let Emerald slip away.
 “Don’t fret Emerald, it won’t hurt so much. After this, Mr Vannak laughed and entered her in one long t—-t. And so it continued till they were all spent hours later. They left satisfied while Emerald cried bitterly in shame and disgrace.
It was finally here, the school holiday. Jofin was very happy that he would be able to see his sister again, with unreserved happiness, he went to the Vannak’s villa to see his sister, his eyes were twinkling by the time he got to the villa’s gate. “Knock, knock” He knocked excitedly.
“Who dey there?” The gateman peeped out. When he saw Jofin, he started smiling. 
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“Ha! Oyinbo master, how far? It is a while that we have seeing you, he don te.” He said beaming with smiles while trying to impress Jofin with his undiluted and ungrammatical English.
Jofin who by then was shaking with laughter replied.
 “Yes, Oga Johnbull, we have been busy in school so we had no time for breaks that is why. Anyway you look dazzling and more masculine now, you are very healthy than when I saw you last.” 
The gateman looked really lost. 
“Dazoline, mascole? This your oyinbo, kai which one be that now?”
Jofin laughed again. “Haba, Oga Johnbull I mean you look more handsome now, hmmm, fine fine. Anyway is my sister around?” The gateman laughed. “Ha! Your beautiful sister, she is. Go through the back door and you will see her.” Jofin bowed. 
“Thank you Oga Johnbull.” He then made to leave. The gateman drew him back. “Haha! What about me na? Infact no worry too much, just dash me dat your fine fine sister, you go enjoy me well, well. Jofin roaring with laughter said. 
“Okay I will get back to you, but my sister, that will be in your next life.” He left the gateman’s post to join his sister.
Hello, everyone I hope you are enjoying the story so far, and how do you like Jofin’s character? He would be appearing more now. And lest I forget. Thank you to all my readers, the commentors and the silent readers.