Travails Of An Abused Woman Episode 2


The people of Arata village are known to be unified and defensive, which meant they took care of their own. But the situation in Adong Janda house is more than what they could handle. They all loved Mabeline and her children as they were all good kids but Adong was widely known as a thug, none of them wanted to risk their life to intervene again in the abuse of his wife and children. So, when he decided to send them out of his house few months later, none was ready to receive Mabeline and her children.
“Out, I say get out.” Adong dragged Mabeline. 
“Please my husband forgive me, we have nowhere to go.” Mabeline pleaded earnestly. Adong slapped her face. 
“I don’t care w—e.” He dragged their bags and luggage out in the rain. “My beautiful wife will be here tomorrow and I don’t want her to meet you here.”
Devastated Mabeline and her children carried the thrown out bags and left for no where in particular.
Mabeline moved her children to the worst part of the village, there was no money for them to get a better place and her children had to stop schooling because of non payment of school fees. 
Things were bad and getting worse by the day, they only ate once a day, they ate the left overs of other people in the village or the food that were meant for the animals, their suffering was like no other.
It had been a year since Adong sent them out in the rain, Mabeline had gone to appeal to him so many times but he wouldn’t listen. Edama her last child was on the sick bed but there was no money to treat her. One morning disaster struck.
“Emerald am back.” Mabeline entered looking tired.
 “Welcome mother” Emerald shifted so she could sit. 
“How is Edama?” Mabeline asked as she touched Edama’s body.
 “Mother, her temperature is rising by the minute.”
Mabeline started to cry. “My baby, no one wants to treat her without payment first, ah! Olorun o(God) where is your face?” She carried the little girl in her hands.
“Edama open your eyes and acknowledge your mother.” Emerald and Mabeline began to shake her. “Edama, Edama.” By now they were both shouting and crying. Jokai and Jofin ran inside. 
“What is wrong with her?”
 “Somebody help! Help!” Jofin ran outside to call the neighbours. “Help! Help!” People ran to their house. A man popularly called ‘Dokita'(Doctor) in the village checked Edama. He straightened after a few minutes and began. 
“Hem! God taketh and giveth. Mama Emmy, am sorry but little Edama is gone.”
Mabeline shouted in despair. 
“Haaaaaaaa! My enemies have succeeded, they have won” She fainted and was later revived by the people who came to mourn with her. She mourned her daughter bitterly while people came to console her.
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The death of Edama struck Mabeline and her children fiercely but after two years of mourning her, they let go. They accepted their fate. Little did they know that their ordeal had just started.
“Jokai, Jokai, come out here.” Mabeline called from the backyard. 
“Yes, mama you called.” Mabeline nodded affirmatively.
 “Yes, Jofin is not yet back from school?” He shook his head in response. 
“No mother but he will soon be here.” She smiled. “Good. I want you to take this….” She gave him some money. “………….Go to the market, buy cassava, heavy one o so that we may eat.”
“But mama…” Jokai protested. “…..We have been eating that for the past one month.” Mabeline sighed heavily and faced her son. 
“Jokai, a time is coming when we will eat better.” Jokai sat beside her and spoke in remorse. 
“Forgive me mother, I will do as you have said.”
A few hours later and Jokai was still not back. “Where is this boy now eh?” Jofin and Emerald rushed in. 
“Mother, mother where are you?” Mabeline came out of her room. “What is it?” Emerald pointed toward the front door. 
“Jokai, Jokai is rolling on the ground outside, holding his abdomen and vomitting blood.” Mabeline gasped and rushed outside. 
“Ehn? Omo mi(my son). Yee.” She rushed outside to see him.
“Jokai, Jokai.”
“On seeing him, he was already dead. They all cried bitterly. Mabeline shouted and lamented. “Olorun, oju e daa (God where is thy face?) People came and mourned with her, others came to mock her while others offered their condolences. “E maa ba ara je juu.(Don’t be so saddened)
Despite hearing about all that happened Adong never cared to visit his wife or help his family, he remained adamant still. After the death of her second child Mabeline never recovered, she became a living ghost.
To be continued at 6pm


  1. The concept of the story is good but if u can’t complete the explicit words why use them in the first place? Please complete those words or avoid using them