The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 47


Marcus never stopped sending me “Please Call Me” messages during those nine days and I kept on ignoring him until he called me himself and I picked up.
Me: Hello
Marcus: Hello man you said you were gonna’ help me; I’m totally broke mahn… please!
Me: Why did you ask me to meet up with you?
Marcus: Because that’s the only way for me to get the money, I can’t go to your house
Me: Nothing has ever gone well whenever I meet with you
Marcus: But that’s the only way
Me: Don’t you have a bank account?
Marcus: Screw that mahn; my Dad got it frozen
Me: Sorry I can’t meet you
Marcus: You still don’t believe me, do you? I can’t do nothing to you mahn. I already bow
Me: I’ll think about something and get back to you
Marcus: Oh mehn…
Me: Alright come to my apartment tonight
Marcus: Really?
Me: Wait I’m not done talking. You’re not coming in; just outside the gate where I’ll leave the money in a corner for you to pick up and go. And you must be very careful; I dunno what will happen to you if you’re spotted
Marcus: Why? What’s wrong?
Me: Just follow what I say and you won’t get into trouble
Marcus: Ok no problem… time?
Me: From
Marcus: Alright mahn… I trust you
Me: Wish I could say the same to you
Marcus: No I understand, trust is earned… I get it
Me: Alright **hangs up**
I don’t even know how much I’m going to give him, and I can’t tell Mirabel about it. I thought about it then decided to give him ₦250,000. I can’t believe I’m going to do this, giving money to Marcus? So awkward!
I dashed to the bank later in the evening and made some withdrawals; I kept it somewhere in a corner outside my gate when it got dark, then I texted him how to find it.
The following morning, I went out to check the money, but it wasn’t there; He must have taken it. I tried to call him to confirm if he took it but his number didn’t go through after several trials. He took it without thanking me? Well… I just hope he has left for good.
Two more exam papers remaining for us to write. We kept on reading and working to get good grades. That Fred of a guy kept showering Promise with love and gifts. To us, he is madly in love with her and we think he is a good guy suitable for Promise.
After finishing the second to the last paper on Monday, I hanged out one on one with Promise to discuss about her relationship with Fred.
Me: So… how is your relationship going with Fred?
Promise: Fine, he is loving, caring and always want to be seeing me
Me: Hhmmm… I can see you’ve found what you want in a man
Promise: Well… I’m beginning to like him
Me: And love?
Promise: Not sure about that yet
Me: He loves you dearly, you should love him too. He is making good use of the chance you gave him
Promise: (Staring at me somehow) why are you doing this?
Me: I want you to be happy and feel loved
Promise: Is that how love should be?
Me: What are you saying again? This guy is ready to love you
Promise: Agreed but what about me?
Me: Love him too
Promise: (Small tears in her eyes) Okay… I’ll try, besides I’m not getting younger, I should move on
Me: Yea! That’s the spirit!! (Holding her)
Fred: Hey guys
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Me: (I took my hand off Promise) Hey…
Fred: Mind if I have her? Been looking for her, I miss her so much **smiling**
Me: Sure! She’s all yours (I saw Promise blushing)
Fred: Let’s go **holding Promise**
We met the others then zoomed out from School anticipating for our final paper in two days’ time. After we parted our ways that day, we didn’t see each other till the final exam day; I didn’t go to the lodge because I want to study and work on the website and Mirabel on the other hand didn’t come to my apartment so she’ll prepare very well for the final paper. I tried Marcus’ line but it didn’t go through, so I stop trying.
The day came; I went to school feeling well-prepared to pieces the exam and to see my lovely fiancée who I miss so much. I was in School before them; when they came, I noticed some bruises on Promise and I asked her immediately I saw it but after I have already spoken with Mirabel.
Me: (Close to her) what happened to you?
Promise: I fell from a bike
Me: Which bike?
Promise: Okada na
Me: When and how?
Promise: On Monday, later in the evening when I was returning back to the lodge
Me: Where did you even go to?
Promise: From Fred, I didn’t go straight to the lodge after we parted ways; he took me out for lunch
Me: Why didn’t he drop you after picking you up from school?
Promise: He couldn’t, he said something came up that he had to attend to
Me: Hhmmm… you have to be careful next time
Promise: Of course
I feel something wasn’t right, I couldn’t doubt her because I know she doesn’t tell lies; why would she even lie? I shunned my thoughts on that.
We all went to where we normally study together, did some revision before the commencement of the exam. During the exam, a guy almost got me into trouble. He was copying my work and I couldn’t hide it from him. A lady invigilator took me from my seat to another one, maybe she suspected something. And the guy foolishly followed me to where she took me to and sat behind me to continue copying my work. I didn’t know if I should laugh or get mad at him for the foolish act. The worst thing, she tried to stop him but he refused and insisted on coming to where I was seated. She had to take me to another seat at the back where there was no space for him to come and seat. I saw how the guy kept looking back in a pitiful way; I couldn’t help but laughed out a little, even the invigilator couldn’t help but also let out a smile. Good thing the wicked supervisors weren’t around that time.
I’ve been attending a seminar for the past days, that’s why I couldn’t update. Like I said from the beginning, there must be a cause for not updating on time…Thanks for understanding.