Travails Of An Abused Woman episode 1


This story is by Empressjin and Pobsonline takes no credit for it
Before I start I wanna dedicate this short book to some special people, Lawyer A.A.Daniel, my brothers, my friends and most importantly to all the ABUSED out there struggling to find for themselves a place in the world. And also to all who will read this story, thanks everyone.
“You this b—h, good for nothing, I regret the day I met and married you.” These were the words of Adong to Mabeline his wife everyday of her life. To him she was a beast of burden for him to use whenever he pleases.
“Please I was washing your clothes that is why your food is still on fire, forgive me my husband.” Mabeline pleaded.
“Husband?” Adong spat out in disdain. He laughed hysterically. “If not for my foolish brother do you think you will still be here?” He slapped her face. “……..Listen woman, your days and that of your children are numbered in this house.” He raised up his hand to beat her again.
“Don’t you dare, if you raise your hands against my mother again, you won’t like yourself.”
Emerald, the first child of the house spoke up as she entered. “You are a disgrace father, treating your wife like she is a punching bag.” Adong was angered.
“You this w—e, I will teach you a lesson one day.
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“Ouch” Mabeline cried out. “Easy Emerald it hurts. “Am sorry mother, just a bit more.” Mabeline consoled her.
“Mother, we are home.” Jokai entered with Jofin and Edama. He took one look at his mother and bursted into a fit of rage.
“Where is he? Where is the mad man who wants to kill my mother?” Mabeline rose up to calm her son.
“Jokai, he is your father please just leave this to me.” He protested.
“No way mother, he is a b—–d.” She bursted into tears. “I don’t like seeing you hurt mother.” Edama chipped in, she continued pacing the kitchen grounds angrily while crying and ranting about their father to the village head.
Jofin the third child and the second son of the family who has been watching silently since they all entered finally spoke up.
“If you won’t listen mother, we won’t complain but the day he sends you to the hospital is the day his family members will bury him.” And with that he stormed off.
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  1. Interesting stories. Always keeps me in suspense. Can’t stop till I finish reading it. Kudos to u all