The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 46


​I met him outside leaning on his cool 4matic car.
Me: So… what is it you want to talk to me about?
Fred: I want to ask you for a favour, get in let’s go talk about it
We both sat on the back seat while two other guys were in the front of which one of them took the wheel.
Me: So how’d you get my number?
Fred: Cynthia… I asked her for it
Me: Okay…
We talked about other things till we got to the place. We alighted from the car and walked straight in.
Me: (While walking in) this is a night club
Fred: I know
Me: What are we doing here? It’s not open for customers at this time
Fred: It’s never closed for me (smiling)
Me: I see…
He took me to the VIP side and we sat down.
Fred: Care for champagne?
Me: A glass of wine will do
Fred: Have a taste?
Me: Yea… Pure Heavens
Fred: (To one of the guys he came with) go get us Pure Heavens
Me: You take it too?
Fred: Nope, too cheap for my taste. I just want to drink what you drink, to be polite
Me: Ok, can we talk now?
Fred: Yea let’s talk. The thing is… It got to my attention that you’re like a brother to Promise in school and you’re both close, am I right?
Me: She’s a good friend of mine
Fred: I know… reason why I asked that question. I like her and I want to date her but she’s not giving me any hopeful response. She always tells me ‘no’ on the spot whenever I try to talk to her without a second thought. Why is she like that? And I’m sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend in school; I dunno about where she came from, or is she engaged back home?
**The guy came with the wine and served us**
Me: Well… she never mentioned being engaged to me, so I don’t think that’s the case. You know… she has always being like that; we’ve tried to talk to her about her single state but she doesn’t want to be in a relationship.
Fred: Have you tried to hook her up with a guy before?
Me: Nope **sips**
Fred: Good… please do that for me
Me: **Speechless**
Fred: I really do like her right from the very first night I met her; I’m loving her like crazy. You’ve got to help me out man
Me: She’s a very good friend of mine as you know; she has been Ok with her singleness. I wouldn’t want her to get involved with the wrong guy that’d make her sad or hurt her; she’s a good girl that deserves a better man. So if I’m going to help you win her, you will have to promise me you’ll never hurt her.
Fred: You have nothing to worry about; I shall give her everything she wants on this earth and I mean it
Me: That’s good to know… but before I’ll say I’m going to help you, I will need to know who I’m helping in getting my friend
Fred: No problem, you can ask me whatever you want to know about me
Me: Okay…
I threw some questions at him and his responses were good. According to him… he studied business in the U.K; he loves being a businessman and has no interest in being a politician like his Father. He talked about his likes and dislikes and said funny things. I think Promise will love this guy if she gives him a chance.
**My phone rings and I picked up**
Me: Sweetheart
Check for more amazing stories
Check for more amazing stories
Mirabel: Where are you?
Me: I’m still with Fred, what’s up?
Mirabel: Are you coming back to the lodge?
Me: I don’t think so, it’s already getting late, I will go to the apartment from here
Mirabel: What about your car?
Me: Oh…
Fred: Don’t worry; I’ll give you a ride
Me: He’ll give me a ride
Mirabel: Why can’t you just come?
Me: Baby….
Mirabel: Fine! Better look after yourself, Marcus is still out there
Me: I will be fine dear
Mirabel: You better be
Me: Please come over tomorrow with my car
Mirabel: Ok
Me: Goodnight, love you…
Mirabel: **Hangs up**
Me: **She just hangs up? What’s up with her? **
Fred and I continued talking until I told him I’ll try to talk to Promise. He thanked me before we rounded up and drove me to my apartment based on my directives.
I talked to Mirabel later that night on phone about Fred and his intentions towards Promise; we agreed to get them together within the two weeks we got left in School.
We started talking to Promise and the intentions of Fred towards her. We gave tips to Fred on what to do and when to show up. We continued to pressure her non-stop until she finally accepted to give him a chance nine days later. We celebrated it thinking we did her a favour, not knowing we got her into a mess she never bargained for. Then I realized that, we should’ve respected her decision.