Total Love Episode 63


‘He must be an evil spirit too.’ Daniel thought. He didn’t know what to do.
The man finally arrived laughing out loud. Darasimi held on to Daniel both were very afraid. The man stretched a black powder forward to Daniel to take. “You’ll need it in your journey.” He uttered.
‘D.. Don’t worry sir.’ Daniel stammered taking a short pace.
“You better take this! You’ll need it!” The man uttered again.
“NO!” Daniel replied walking swiftly.
They got to another place and met this same man again, begging them with the substance he was holding but both refused to collect it. They walked some distance later and met him for the third time and still refused the man’s substance. “Now, if you come to beg me for it, I won’t give you!” He uttered.
The King was totally confused on the throne he was sitting on. He was looking here and there to confirm if Tony is not in the palace again. The princess got down the staircase and greeted the King. “I’m going back to school.” She uttered.
‘Now, there’s no one that can disturb you. Don’t behave irrationally, and tell your friends too to tread softly.’ He said.
“Alright Dad.” She smiled. ‘… But dad, the man we met here this afternoon, isn’t he your friend?’ She inquired.
“Yes.. I don’t know why his dead body came to visit me.”
‘He possibly can’t be dead. He looked cute and okay, dressed in nice outfit. Can a dead man do all that?’ She thought.
‘See my daughter, Tony has died. Let go of his story and head for school, its getting late.’ He replied.
“…Concerning the issue of Dan and Darasimi, why did you send them to the forbidden forest?” She asked wondering.
‘For them to die. Daniel is of no use to me. He’s an ingrate, a foolish boy who can kill you because of an ordinary girl. I shouldn’t have done that but I was over tempered then. It serves them right though.’ He uttered.
Ruth wondered. “Bye.” She left the palace.
Funke and Ruth were together crying profusely. They couldn’t talk but continued with their tears. “So Raymond has turned bad too, sending people into evil forest and enjoying on his foolish throne!” Gloria exclaimed.
‘Urgh! Darasimi!’ Funke continued shouting. Her cloth turned wet and was crying without control.
At least, it looked obvious that they’ll die there because even the greatest hunter mustn’t pass a quatre of the forest or will be attacked by spirits. They couldn’t control the rate of their tears. Two children in their final year, will die just like that?
Dan and Darasimi proceeded in their journey. Still hoping not to see anything wild and bad. Not quite long after they left the man, Darasimi was bitten by a poisonous snake.
Immediately, she loosed control, her system changed and her tounge turned and she couldn’t talk properly. Daniel was with her at the same spot weeping continuously, he didn’t know what next to do.
The old men with walking sticks and dressed in a white dresses walked down their and halted on seeing them. Daniel didn’t even run and show his fear for seeing them but remained at the same spot shaking Darasimi and crying uncontrollably.
‘This girl I’m looking at is already dead.’ One of the men uttered.
“Huh?” Daniel rose his head and stared at the three men and glanced at Darasimi.
DARASIMI! He shouted.
“She’s not dead at all.” Another man uttered among them.
‘She has just thirty minutes to spend on earth if the forest black powder isn’t used on her.’
“Black powder?” Daniel asked anxiously.
‘Yes that’s it. The powder should be with Wisdom. You should have met him on the way.’ The last man guessed.
‘Powder, Man?’ Dan repeated and ran back, searching for the old man. He glanced at the wrist watched on him. It was 3:30 pm exactly, thirty minutes more..

The King left the throne for the room to take a short rest. He laid on his bed and different thought continued flowing through his heart. He wasn’t feeling alright again, maybe because I saw Tony. He thought.
Different kinds of food were prepared for him as lunch but couldn’t eat. His mind wasn’t at rest and lost his appetite. Some minutes later, the Doctor was invited to come and check if he’s alright but his condition started growing worst.
The Queen that had been eating and forgotten she saw a corpse neglected her food on seeing the Doctor entering into the palace. They rushed upstairs to check on the King, it was just as if he wasn’t the one that banished Daniel and Darasimi some hours back, when he was shouting.
The palace became sour and everyone afraid. The first time that kind of illness occurred to the King, it was Dan’s mouth organ that saved him despite the Doctor’s help to assist.
The Queen thought of the mouth organ and ordered the guards to go and search his room for the mouth organ. They found it at last. One of the guards who knew how to use it played differently on it, but every minute, the King’s condition grew worse.

Daniel was still running up and down to save Darasimi. He had sustained different injuries for running so fast in the forest. He kept on falling and standing, to save a soul.
He glanced at the watch again, it was 3:45. Fifteen minutes more.. He thought. He finally saw the man some distance ahead of him and rushed there. The man turned his back at him.
He prostrated on the dirts and stones there and started begging the man for help, but he refused. He continued begging him and was crying out but the man didn’t answer him. He stood up just rushing back when his pocket bible dropped from his pocket.
He picked it up and wondered. “Why have I been running helter skelter when there is something that can save me? Why I’ve I been disturbing myself when I ought to have used my mouth to draw out the poison and pray for her?” He ran back there and still met her groaning in pains.
He had used his singlet to tie her leg. On getting there, he located the exact place and punctured it. He drew out the poison from her leg and continued praying mindfully. After this, he raised his head and met her closed. “Nothing looks as if she’s still alive.” He thought and rushed up.

To be continued