Total Love Episode 62


Darasimi and Daniel got to the entrance of the exit of the Kingdom that leads to a great forest. The forest was created as a boundary between Rily Kingdom and Sash Kingdom due to a fight between the two Kingdoms. There were standby guards at the exit of the Kingdom to prevent people from leaving the Kingdom.
The only people privileged to leave the Kingdom for great hunting are great hunters, ordinary hunters aren’t event allowed to leave the exit, great hunters also don’t go beyond the quarter of the forest before turning back into the Kingdom because of the dangerous animals and spirits that can’t be seen and those that can be seen.
Darasimi and Daniel were lead out of the Kingdom into the forbidden forest. Some minutes later, Funke and Gloria got there, weeping but it was too late.
Tony got home smiling. He took some rest , still thinking about all that happened. He thought on when next to go to the palace to see the Queen and her husband as a surprise package again. He kept on smiling, ‘that day will be great.’ He thought in him.

Funke and Gloria rushed back to the palace angrily but weren’t allowed to entered into the palace according to the will of the King. He had told the gate keepers that they shouldn’t allow their parents into the palace. He was still very angry, thinking of all what he had done for Daniel and what he repayed him with.
The Queen was with the King in the palace then with some chieves. The Queen was really happy to hear about the King’s decision. The Princess and her friends were still beside the pool, very angry and unhappy Dan had gone just like that.
Chief Kolade kept begging the King that he should quickly send some great hunters after Dan and Dara to get them before its too late. “This issue isn’t up to this your highness, you should have tempered justice. You’ve just ended their lives.” He uttered.
‘So I don’t know what I’m doing right?’ The King faced him
“No, your highness…” He was trying to explain.
‘Don’t utter a word, remove the beads on you and leave this palace without returning.’ He commanded.
Daniel and Darasimi started their journey in the forbidden forest little by little. They walked for almost two hours then both viewed a man sitting on a mortal some distance away.
Chief Kolade walked out of the Palace disgraced. The Queen was still happy about all that happened but her mind was still clicking on the issue of Tony. She walked inside her room, some minutes later, Princess came inside and headed to her room for some findings.
She walked inside her room looking so refreshed. “Mum, who was that man?” She inquired.
‘Which man.. The one we saw when we came back?’ She asked back.
“Yes.. That face seems familiar.” She replied.
‘That’s the King’s friend that you saw his passport photograph..’ She replied.
‘Huh? Dead man?’ She grinned.
“Sure.. That was why I fainted.. Rather uncontrollable..” She replied.
‘Is he not dead?’ She asked.
“How would I know?” The Queen replied.
‘This is beyond imagination!’
Tony got his laptop ready and started some findings on it. Still racking his brain for more information about the issue of Queen and the King when he heard shout from inside.
He rushed in and met his wife in labour. They rushed to the hospital straight.

Daniel and Darasimi trembled with fear on seeing the man seated further them. They were both shivering and steering at each other. The man stood up suddenly and started walking towards them.
…To be continued