Total Love Episode 61


The Queen entered and met the scene. “Hey” she shouted loudly.
Tony turned back and faced her. She stared at him for a moment before recognizing him properly. The Princess and her friends too just entered into the palace, Ruth also started staring at Tony but couldn’t remember where she saw the face vividly.
The Queen fainted and Tony left the palace immediately without uttering a word.
The Queen was rushed to the hospital immediately. The King was also shivering after scolding his guards for not present inside the palace to guard him well. They all were still thinking a ghost arrived.
Tony got inside the car and drove off, Ibadan straight and continued discussing with his accompanists of all that happened in the palace.
“So, when are we going to come back?” Winnie asked.
‘That will be determined later.’ He replied and drove on, still impatient.
The Queen opened her eyes and saw she was in the hospital. The King was in the palace then still shivering, not quite long after then, Omitola entered into the palace with the Children-examiners and a set of twins to show to the King.
She met the King shivering, immediately the King saw her he quickly replied them “go and dispose them!”
Omitola walked closer, ‘is everything fine, your highness?’ She asked.
“I saw a ghost… Few minutes ago, a ghost came into this palace.” He replied.
‘A GHOST?’ Omitola wondered.
‘Yes, you should know my best friend.. Tony.’ He replied.
‘Friend? Tony?..’ She was re collecting.
…Ooh.. That your friend.. She uttered remembering properly.
‘Yes.’ The King quickly replied.
Omitola sighed and smiled to him. “Your friend…” She repeated and shook her head.
‘Yes now!’ The King exclaimed.
‘What was he putting on when you saw him?’
‘A good shirt and trouser.’ He replied.
“There’s no boutique in heaven now, that means he’s alive.” She faced him, still wondering.
‘He’s alive?’ The King asked again.
The Queen was discharged from the hospital few hours after she woke up and was driven to the palace. Princess Ruth was by the pool side with her friends then, as usual. They all rushed after the Queen to know her state of health.
The King was seated alone in the palace, omitola had left then, he was thinking of different things that happened in the past. The maids assisted the Queen to her room while the princess and her friends returned outside.
The princess and her friends started discussing about Daniel and Darasimi angrily. They were so vexed, thinking on whether stopping their acts or discard both of them.
Daniel came inside the palace, looking so angry. His trouser was looking dirty, he had been walking and sweating profusely. He snubbed the princess and her friends and walked into the palace to meet the King.
He saw the King seated on the throne, still thinking of Tony. He cleared his throat so that his presence would be felt. The king was attracted to his act and quickly faced where he was, he was very terrified and thought Tony had come again.
“It isn’t fair, punishing the righteous and releasing the unjust from what they caused to the righteous.” He stepped further and his boldness increased. He looked into the eyes of the King as he walked closer.
‘And you have the audacity to reveal my daughter, all in the name of hatred.’ The King replied.
‘No.. You are wrong. All in the name of being righteous, not hatred.’ He uttered.
“You are causing trouble for yourself.. What I’m I saying, you’ve caused trouble for yourself. You’ve caused havoc in the palace and made different things happen today because of your stupid act!” He shouted.
Dan smiled and took one more step forward. “This is serious. I can see that the King is very angry, the princess and her friends tried to cause this and you……
Dan smiled and took one more step
forward. “This is serious. I can see that
the King is very angry, the princess and
her friends tried to cause this and you as the King brought them out of their trouble and neglected the one that almost died.” He concluded.
‘I don’t have time for all this your thrash. Now, where are the guards!’ He shouted.
The guards rushed into the palace at once. “Now get this foolish ingrate off my front and search for that stupid girl, send them all away from this Kingdom to the forbidden forest.” He concluded.
“FOREST?” He repeated.
Gloria and Funke had prepared to go to the palace since its been some minutes and Daniel wasn’t seen. They passed the place different from where the guards took Daniel along. They got to the palace gate and asked the gate keeper if Daniel was still there. They were really concerned because he left the palace with anger.
This time, the palace guards had gotten to Funke’s place lead by a guard that knew the place. Funke had woken already and was in the living room trying to call Dan to come. The gate was opened at once and she was also gotten.
The gate keeper informed Gloria and Funke about the King’s order that he said Daniel and a girl should be sent out of the Kingdom to the forbidden forest. They rushed back home immediately.

To be continued