Total Love Episode 60


The D.P.O insisted on the fact that he won’t release the princess and her friends to the King, no matter what he insists on.
‘The Princess and her friends must have been the ones that killed the girl, Deola, upon trying to kill Darasimi.’ The officer said.
“My daughter isn’t a hired killer! I’m the King of this Kingdom and I have the authority over everyone!” He exclaimed.
‘That was what you said the other day sir. Now, we’ve not concluded our investigations. One of the princess’ friends has gone with my guys to get the killers here, from there we’ll know what to do.’ He replied.
“Its the king that’s before you!” He frowned.
The officer laughed out. “This is not the issue of being the King. Being the King doesn’t mean a princess should be doing things anyhow.” He replied.
The King couldn’t talk and was quiet, he didn’t know if he should stand up or remain seated. As a king, that will be his second time that his daughter will be arrested. He kept staring at the D.P.O’s face continually.
‘I’m sorry your highness, its just a matter of getting a good lawyer that can save you from this.’ The D.P.O concluded.
The King walked out of the police station and saw Daniel seated by the bar. “What are you doing here?” He asked surprisingly.
‘Em.. I came..’ He stammered.
“Because of my daughter right?” The king asked smiling to him. ‘I guess he now loves her.’ He thought in him and walked out. Daniel rushed after him, ‘what did the D.P.O say about it?’ He quickly asked.
‘He said he’s not going to release her. There are strong evidences backing her case up. But why must she do this?’ The King asked frowning.
“So he hasn’t known I’m the one..” Daniel thought in him.
The King entered into his car and off he was driven to the palace. He got to the palace and met Winnie, the Doctor and the Philosopher around. Tony was in the car parked behind the palace. The King was in real anger as he entered into the palace and met visitors waiting for him.
‘I won’t be able to talk to you now.’ He addressed and walked in instantly.
The Queen was still in the police station. She sat there thinking “a royal majesty in a police cell. Had I known, I should have eliminated this Darasimi right from time.” She continued thinking of different things.
The D.P.O came out looking blamed and faced the sergeants. “Release them all.” He uttered.
‘Release?’ One of them asked staring at him.
‘Yes, order from above said we should release them.’ He uttered.
‘Urgh…’ The sergeant understood immediately, order from the commissioner of police. He shook his head.
The princess and her friends were released with immediate effect.
Winnie and others left the palace immediately after the King neglected them to the car. They explained everything to Tony, and thought of going back. Tony refused to return. “Is the Queen there?” He asked.
‘No..’ They replied.
“I must see them and let them know the kind of woman that the Queen is.” He uttered.
‘Do you think you’ll be save there?’ Winnie asked looking at him.
“Absolutely nothing will happen.” He replied.
He got down and walked into the palace and was allowed in. The King had already gotten the call that his daughter and her friends had been released then, he came downstairs to refresh himself and get his anger off him.
Tony walked into the palace and looked around. “This place has really changed.” He thought to himself. The Queen’s car started hooting outside, he entered into the living room and saw the King seated on his throne, the glass cup with him dropped immediately.
He still recognized him, Tony walked more closer to him smiling. “Its me Raymond, you don’t need to fear.” He uttered as he walked closer, the King stood up and terribly afraid, he began to move backwardly as Tony moved closer.
“To….. Tony..” The King stammered out.
‘I’m alive, Ray.’ He replied and continued walking closer.
The Queen walked into the living room smiling that she eventually got her daughter and her friends out of their problem. She was smiling in as she saw the King afar and a man moving closer to him.
To be continued