Total Love Episode 59


Since the incidence of the acid has happened, Daniel had been following Darasimi around the school with the help of one of his room mates. They both sat to discuss ways of saving her from problem. Emmanuel, his room mate brought different ideas of knowing who the people had been trailing her and the ways to deal with them all. They’ve started going around with camera to record and take pictures as their evidence. Daniel had gone back to the palace too to pick the car that was brought for him by the King in case something will happen.
“Guy, are you this crazy for love?” Emmanuel asked him wondering as he got down from the parked car.
‘Sure, but you’ll help me a lot..’ He uttered.
“Sure now, I’ve started helping you.” Emmanuel replied.
‘Not only that, I want you to help me to be sleeping behind her hostel for like a month.’ He uttered.
‘What! Na me dey date her!’ Emmanuel shouted.
“We’ll be sleeping in my car, no problem.” He replied.
‘No.. I still don’t want that. Its not ideal, if you die because of her, who told you she won’t marry again!’ Emmanuel convinced.
“I know but I must still protect her.” He replied.
‘We both know that the security of the hostel is now tough, if at all anyone wants to catch her, it should be in the afternoon and we’ll always follow her.’ Emmanuel said.
‘But this work will be tiresome. We won’t have rest?’ Dan laughed.
“Na you wey wan protect now.” Emma laughed.

It was Monday morning, Darasimi was off to the lecture hall, dressed in a pencil jeans and fitted blouse. She had her handbag on her and was looking beautiful. Everywhere was quiet and people were scanty. The guys got down from the car and drugged her into the car and ran off.
They were behind the hostel as quick as possible and had been following her till they saw what happened. They zoomed off after the car immediately, looking so afraid. “Should we call the police?” Emmanuel asked.
‘Why not the policemen?’ He asked trembling with fear.
” I don’t have any number that leads there now! They’ll be late sef. You know too, we don’t know what they’d have done before those useless policemen arrive! Are those stuffs in the booth?” He shouted reducing his speed so that he won’t be suspected.
‘Yes. Stop shouting jurh, I’m dead afraid, running after hired killers with just siren radio and bangers.’ He shivered.

They got her to an uncompleted building as wished and tied her with a rope against a
pillar at the second floor. They got a place
that was very quiet and no one will ever
believe some one was there.
The princess and her friends were already
gathered there also and rounded her up,
staring at her angrily. The boss of the hired
assassins already stood at Dara’s from
laughing wickedly, Darasimi’s vision was
blurred then and couldn’t see properly.
Daniel and Emmanuel were by the bush side. “I guess they want to kill her now!” Emmanuel shivered.
They lighted a banger stick with them and threw if further. The radio siren was also gotten and everything turned out to be as if the policemen were around.
It was a banger sound but everyone dismissed immediately and on hearing the siren, they didn’t wait but all ran away. Emmanuel was busy recording and taking pictures from where they were so as to use as an evidence for the policemen.
They waited for a little time and could see from where they were hiding that everyone had ran away, they ran up and untied her, straight to the hospital and picked things that can serve as their evidences.
Emmanuel and Daniel were at the reception discussing about all that happened that day.
“But you are rather brave and strong. For us to have followed and use bangers as our gun and dismiss them all. But I’m still eager about something. Do you think the policemen would listen to this?” Emmanuel asked
‘Why won’t they? We have our evidences. The pictures, video, the handbag of the princess we met at the scene too.’ He replied.
“But, we might have died if not for God’s mercy, using a banger and trailing hired-killers.” Emmanuel said still shivering.
‘Its God’s mercy. I don’t have any policeman’s number and before we start describing everything, and before they’d get there the man at her front might have killed her, she might have died if we’d not been following her!’ He uttered, his heartbeat still beating at a fast rate.
The Doctor came out to them. Both stood up at him immediately. “Was she drugged?” The Doctor asked.
‘Yes ma, she was.’ Dan quickly replied.
‘Hmmn..’ The Doctor sighed.
“Can I see her parents?” She asked.
‘You can tell us anything.’ Emmanuel said.
‘I’m sorry..’
‘I’m sorry, I must see her parents.’ The Doctor uttered.
“We don’t know her parents, we saw her lying on the floor and decided to help her.” Emmanuel said.
‘I’m only curious about how you’re going to pay for her bills. She’s now okay.’ The Doctor replied.
Dan laughed. “That’s simple, I’ll go pay to the cashier right away.” Daniel replied.
‘Okay, the cashier will tell you the amount that should be paid.’ She said and left.
Daniel took Darasimi home and headed to the police station with Emmanuel. They reported the case and involved the policemen immediately who also started their investigations about the case.
The policemen got to the princess’ place and got them all arrested. They were detained while the King was called about his daughter’s case. The evidences were all dropped and the case began.
Winnie, the Doctor, Philosopher and Tony all got on their way to the Kingdom that same day. They got to the Kingdom and started asking of places till they got to the Palace. They didn’t meet the King and decided to wait a little longer.
The King was in the Police station with the D.P.O. The Queen was also present there with the King sorting out the issue of their daughter and her friends. Daniel was there with them seated with his friend and smiling.
-to be continued