Total Love Episode 64


Darasimi coughed suddenly and opened her eyes at once.

The palace has turned into confusion. The King’s sickness continued waxing stronger every minute. Everyone unhappy and everywhere, quiet. The Doctor had invited three more Doctors into the palace.
“Within how many hours, he was still in the living room some hours back shouting. What sprung up just now. Tony? Dan?” The Queen was wondering.
“This is beyond our wisdom. I guess we’ll have to take him to our hospital for continuous tests.” The Doc. uttered.
‘Let’s go there now!’ The Queen replied”

‘I guess we’ll have to take a short rest here.’ Daniel suggested.
‘I’m hungry presently.’ Darasimi replied.
‘I honestly don’t all this! Had I known, I shouldn’t have saved his life.’ He uttered.
“No.. You don’t talk like that, its not good” Darasimi uttered.
‘Hmmn.. Yes, its normal but..’
“No BUT!”
‘Let me go and get some fruits.’ He uttered.
“No.. Its dangerous to eat in this place, fruits that spirits abide in..” She uttered.
‘We have to take it easy.. Are you alright?’ Daniel faced her.
“Yes.” She replied.
“I don’t want us to even go beyond here. According to what we do hear, greatest hunters don’t even pass here or else, na death sure pass oh.” He said.
Dara sighed. “But this princess…” She shook her head.
‘All is well!’ He replied and smiled.
Tony just gave birth to a baby boy. He had been in the hospital hoping to hear the Doctor’s congratulations to him. He was so happy and jumped for joy on hearing this. He rushed home to quickly get his wife some food.
He was in the Kitchen cooking happily and singing, he had forgotten he had asthma he suddenly had an attack and was rolling on the floor, no one was at home to assist.

The King’s condition was still the same. The Queen rushed back to the palace and called on the priests apologizing to them to help her husband and forget the issue of him not serving their god.
They decided to help him. The King was brought back to the palace. It was getting late then, things turning around to evening. The priests tried all their best but didn’t know the way out. It was Chief Kolade that got the pastors that visited the palace and prayed for him.
“His destiny depends on someone’s life. Without that person, he’ll die. What God told me is that by 12:00am if the person isn’t in this palace, he’ll die.” The Pastor uttered.
‘Who could that be?’

To be continued