Total Love Episode 57


“Who could that be?” Gloria and Funke were startled, staring at each other.
‘Did you lock the door?’ Funke asked very scared.
‘No, when you came in, the happiness I used to escort you in made me forget you’ve arrived.’ She replied quietly.
‘Yeah.’ She replied quietly.
They heard people laughing outside. “Mum, come and open the door for us oh!” Daniel shouted.
He opened the door and noticed it was opened. He and Darasimi walked inside laughing heartily.
Gloria and Funke couldn’t close their mouths and was staring at each other closely.
“Mum!” Daniel shouted.
She faced him at once. “What just happened?” She stammered out.
Daniel and Darasimi laughed out suddenly and shook each other.
‘Mum, I’ve gotten home and didn’t meet you so Dan and I decided to come here. We’ve been there for a while so we heard everything you’ve been saying. I…’ She started laughing.
The both continued laughing. “I did as if the Queen was at the door.” She concluded.
They continued laughing. Funke and Gloria couldn’t take off their eyes from each opther, they were staring at each other non-stop and couldn’t say anything.
“Em.. I can’t just utter a word now. Why did you come home?” Funke asked pretending to be angry.
‘Some people attacked my room, searching for me last night and I’ve gone for vigil then, the girl they met on my bed was washed with a bottle of dangerous chemical, maybe acid.’ She uttered.
“What!” Gloria stood up.
‘Yes mum.. This is serious.’ Daniel said.
“What of that girl now?” Funke stood up too and questioned.
‘She died this afternoon.’ Darasimi changed her face, looking extremely sad.
‘What!’ Gloria shouted.
‘Yes ooh. Its so painful, so I had to leave school, we can’t tell the people trailing me. The police has been involved because that girl’s parents are extremely rich.
‘So despite all this, you have time to scare us!’ Funke shouted.
“I suggested that. We came home so taciturn, I decided to at least make us laugh and happy.” Daniel said.
‘Oh my God! So that girl died?’ Gloria sat down suddenly.
‘Yes mum. I guess she should stay here for the main time or go else where, they might be searching for her.’ He uttered.
‘Heeeeey.. I’m fed up!’ Funke uttered.
THE QUEEN? Gloria asked.
The princess and her friends were still in school, vexing and annoyed about their f–k-up. Stella stood up when everything was so quiet and boring to talk to them all. “I don’t know why you all are quiet as a graveyard. Is it because it wasn’t Darasimi or because Deola died. Cheer up babes.” She encouraged.
“In one word, we are *murderers*” The princess said and gave a heavy exhalation.
‘No, we didn’t carry out the job ourselves so we aren’t the murderers and this is not the end. That Darasimi thinks she’s smart, we must still dear with her!’ Stella shouted
‘After wasting a soul?’ Princess asked wondering.
“Please jare…” Rachael curt in. “Please, forget about the issue of soul. We all have our various destinies. That’s what her destiny is all about, we didn’t kill her. Its annoying me how you guys are doing. If you are ready for us to strike a deal, call me. I’m logging into to read some literature series.” She uttered and picked her phone angrily.
‘We must at least pity the girl that loosed her life. I’m afraid of something, we all know that this girl’s father is stinkingly rich and I think….’
‘She’s the only child, don’t think!’ Beatrice completed.
‘Can it be traced to us?’ Rachael wondered.
“You all, let’s just get those guys now and tell them they did a wrong job. I’ve been told she went home this afternoon with Dan. She should be trailed but this time around I want us to change the technique.” Rachael dropped her phone.
‘Let’s conclude this first!’ Princess exclaimed.
Honourable Olukayode arrived with policemen into the school and sent them around the school, especially to the hostel to arrest everyone their. All the girls in the hostel were arrested and taken to prison, investigation commenced.
Tony and his wife was in the living room watching a program, not quite long after, the program was ended and news started about THE RILY KINGDOM. As Tony heard the name of that Kingdom he stood up immediately and stared at the television set. “Rily” he kept repeating the name.
‘Is anything the matter?’
“No..” He replied and smiled, took his seat back but still worried.
One of his daughter walked downstairs with a Nokia booklet and sat beside her mother. The magazine contained the pictures of all the phone Nokia has made. The continued checking it and was smiling while Tony was still watching the news. It was after some minutes the news ended he could notice things around him. He stood up and walked to his wife and daughter to watch the phones they were watching.
He was smiling and pointing at different phones. Soon, they got to a point with the heading “OLD MADE PHONES”. The continued checking it and were laughing at the phones people were using then, suddenly Tony sighted Nokia C1. “This phone.” He tapped the magazine and stood upright.
He started remembering how Raymond brought it to him. “Raymond!” He exclaimed suddenly.
The wife and daughter were staring at him and dropped the magazine.
‘Raymond brought that phone to me and told me that the King said its for the two of us, but I can’t remember where exactly I was that day.’ He uttered.
‘You, go to your room.’ Funmi said to her daughter and she left.
‘Who is Raymond and who was he when you were together?’ Funmi asked.
“My best friend, we do things together.” He replied.
‘I think this is the best time to call my friend. That guy that I said he’s a Doctor, he should bring along a psychologist so that they’ll help us from this that you just remembered.’ She said and brought out her phone to call them.
To be continued