Total Love Episode 58


The King rose from his throne angrily. “Who’s the man that has the guts to get my daughter detained?” He asked shouting.
‘Get the car ready, I want to get one or two things, I’ll be with you now. The man will face the music!’ The king exclaimed and walked into his room angrily.
They got to the police quatres. They met different parents their pleading for their children. Everyone was silent on seeing the King and the Queen there. “Your Majesty” they addressed.
‘And who is the head of this place, I want him to come out and see me.’ The King shouted.
‘Alright you highness.’ A sergeant at the bar stammered out and rushed to call the D.P.O. The king and the D.P.O walked to the car while the king was talking to him angrily and commanded that his daughter and her friends to be released. Investigation isn’t done that way!
The princess and her friends were released to the King immediately and taken home. The policemen continued their secret investigations.

The Doctor and the psychologist were invited but the psychologist brought along a woman that could help them predict things from Tony who’s named Winnie. The woman is into writing and reading of stories. She had gained a lot from their and good at predicting and as well guessing. They all got to Tony’s house while they went to the balcony upstairs to start their discussions.
The doctor started everything by asking him how much and well he forgets things since the incidence. Finally the job was handed over to Miss Winnie to complete.
“The name of that your friend is?” She asked.
‘Raymond.’ He replied.
‘What are the things you do together?’
“I don’t know?” He replied.
‘Hmmn.. You can eat, play, hunt, since its in a Kingdom. You can farm, go to the stream. There, you can meet different girls sent to go and fetch……..’
“Wait!” He uttered suddenly.
He remembered the day he and Raymond went to the stream and met two girls. He couldn’t remember their names but was still thinking on it. “That’s true, we go to the stream to look at girls.”
They all laughed. ‘So which girl exactly have made friend with?’
‘Em..’ He remembered the day at the supermarket when he heard Damilola. “Damilola!” He voiced.
‘That Damilola, she should have friends you know with her, and maybe her scent, and other things.’ Winnie said.
‘I can’t recollect.’ He replied.
‘Do you still remember the name of your kingdom?’
“Yes.. Rily.” He quickly replied.
Winnie brought out her laptop and typed rily to search. There was a map that was brought out that shows how they could get there from exactly where they were to that place. ‘I guess once you get here, you’ll be able to remember some things.
‘No.. I was told by Mr Akinola that I was thrown at the road. I can’t possibly go their wh..’ “Wait!” He uttered again.
‘Haa.. Damilola! She should be the one. I’m remembering..’
‘Good. Be fast at that!’ Doctor uttered.
‘Raymond was in a relationship with a lady, Funke and that lady has a friend, Gloria. Both overheard when Damilola told me she was pregnant.
‘Preg what!’ Tomi barged in.
‘Preg what?’ Tomi barged in.
“Pregnant.” Tony answered frankly and turned his head towards where she was.
‘You’ve never told me this!’ She exclaimed.
“And I’ve never remembered to.. Just remembering.
“Come and have a seat here madam. Its nothing.” Winnie called her.
She sat down beside the psychologist staring at Winnie and Tony.
“So continue with what you’re saying, sir.” Winnie addressed.
‘….Yes, I’m sure she didn’t know and even doesn’t know I’m still alive. It’ll be like a great surprise to meet me hale and hearty. As for Funke and Gloria, they must be dead by now because I know the Queen very well.’ He concluded.
“This is awesome.” The psychologist said and shook his head.
“We’ll be going for now and get back to you later, against what we’ll do.” Winnie said and stood up.
Deaola’s Father was invited to the palace by the King to sort out things. The King was also in support of the investigation but his daughter was with him throughout. Darasimi had been gotten also for further investigation to know why the hired assassins were looking for her.
The King provided adequate support concerning the investigation of the death of Deola. Darasimi was interrogated by the policemen on who she was suspecting concerning the issue of the acid attack. She couldn’t mention anyone as she wasn’t suspecting anyone.
It came to a stage the whole investigation turned out to be nothing. Hon. Olukayode himself later removed his hands from the case and the school started their work back.
Rachael wasn’t pleased about all that happened. She hated Darasimi like ending her life anytime she sees her. She brought up the idea between her friends again that Darasimi should be kidnapped and killed so that they’d have their way.
They invited their normal hired- killers to get Darasimi kidnapped. They scheduled their job to be Wednesday morning, on her way to the lecture hall.
It was Monday morning, Darasimi was off to the lecture hall, dressed in a pencil jeans and fitted blouse. She had her handbag on her and was looking beautiful. Everywhere was quiet and people were scanty. The guys got down from the car and drugged her into the car and ran off.
They got her to an uncompleted building as wished and tied her with a rope against a pillar at the second floor. They got a place that was very quiet and no one will ever believe some one was there.
The princess and her friends were already gathered there also and rounded her up, staring at her angrily. The boss of the hired assassins already stood at Dara’s from laughing wickedly, Darasimi’s vision was blurred then and couldn’t see properly.
To be continued