Total Love Episode 56


The deal was completely stricken, minds were at rest that Darasimi won’t escape that friday, it might even lead to her death, they didn’t care.
6:30pm Friday evening…..
Daniel was in his room with his friends gisting. He got a call from the students’ Fellowship coordinator. He was told there would be a fellowship vigil and must at least bring two people. He was amazed and told his lazy friends about it who laughed it off. He decided to ping Darasimi about the fellowship vigil.
‘I can’t come for vigil oh..the lectures were tiresome today.’ She replied
“Please now, it won’t be easy for me alone and I must bring at least to people.” He replied.
‘And must they be ladies?’ She teased smiling.
“Come if you want to.. Haha, please Darasimi.” He pleaded.
‘Okay, where should we meet?’ She asked.
Daniel smiled happily. “Okay, around the library.” He replied.
‘I’ll be there shortly, we shouldn’t walk at night.’ She uttered and smiled.
‘Alright. Thanks lots of love.’ He smiled.
08:30pm Friday evening….
The guys got to the front of the room and knocked. It was one of them that walked in asking for Darasimi. They were surprised a male could come to their hostel to ask for Darasimi.
‘She’s not in.’ The room mate replied.
“But everyone is on bed right now. How come she’s not here.. You are lying.” The guy smiled.
‘Please who are you? I said..’
“Just show me her bed..” The guy insisted.
She pointed to her bed and met a girl sleeping on it. He smiled and walked towards the place. All other girls kept on watching them and busy with what they were doing, all wondering about what he was up to. He whistled and other guys broke in, everyone was afraid and couldn’t face them. They walked to the bed the guy was showed and sprinkled acid on her….
The guys left after they’ve completed their job. The other room mates rushed to check on Adeola who was sleeping on Darasimi’s bed that was washed with acid. The girl was quickly rushed to the hospital and attended to. The guys went back home happily that they’ve just completed their good job while Darasimi was busy with prayer in the fellowship meeting.
The princess and her friend celebrated all night when they heard that she had been rushed to the hospital, not knowing it was Deola, one of the girls in the hostel and not Darasimi.
Darasimi was escorted by Daniel to the hostel. The princess and her friends were angrily outside then, they’ve discovered that it was Deola that was the victim of their bad intentions towards her.
She climbed up the stairs and greeted them, they never answered but were all standing and facing the last floor looking at Dan to verify if she went out with Dan all night. They neglected her as she went in, she entered into the bedroom and met everything scattered. Nobody was in, she walked out looking so scared. “What happened?” She quickly asked the princess and her friends.
They pretended as if they didn’t hear all what she had been saying and started their discussions. She brought out her phone and met twenty-eight missed calls on it, she wondered what went wrong that her phone didn’t ring out. She remembered she had to personalize her settings to silent so that she won’t be the wave in the fellowship.
She quickly dialed Funmi’s number to confirm what happened but it wasn’t going through. She rushed downstairs, her eyes were although heavy she got down and tried another room mate’s phone number but it wasn’t going through. She rushed to a room downstairs to ask of what happened, she then heard about all that happened. She rushed to the hospital to confirm.

Gloria and Funke were together at Gloria’s place to discuss and play together. They usually see to discuss but they’ve seen each other for somehow long. “The Queen still doesn’t know we are alive. That woman just killed Tony just like that.” Funke uttered.
‘Urgh..’ Gloria laughed out.
“Haha. What’s funny now?” Funke stared at her.
‘Just imagined something, Tony should just come in now.’ They both laughed.
‘Its true, I’ll take to my heels instantly.’ They both laughed.
“I even saw his passport with Daniel. He said the King gave him to keep.” Funke uttered.
‘King? I don’t even like how my son is living with that Queen, human lives are nothing to her.’ Gloria complained.
“Its just a matter of time, when he becomes the King now..” Funke uttered.
‘Who? My son.. He can’t marry that princess oh!’ They both kept laughing.
“You are desperate about this?” Funke smiled.
‘Sure, that useless Damilola that calls herself a Queen. She can do anything to protect her useless dignity.’ Gloria added.
“Is it me that Is useless?………..” A voice uttered from the door.
To be continued