Total Love Episode 55


Shalewa became so afraid in the bedroom. Sammy summoned courage and came out after putting on his clothes. “Let me pass” he said and hit David’s hand with his left leg so he would be able to move out, David stood up and them.
Sammy gave David the beating of his life. If not for the intervention of his wife, Shalewa, he might have beaten him to death. Shalewa packed her things immediately and left the house, they turned him into an empty barrel.
Dan was at the entrance to their place. Gloria came out to open the gate for him, smiling. “Happy new year son.” She wished and hugged him.
‘Same here mum, happy new year. You are just getting more beautiful. You’ve never come to greet me in the palace and even greet the King, its not good oh.’ He uttered cleaning his feet and walked into the house.
“..eeeeh.. Bibi, how are you!” He quickly shouted and ran to her.
‘I’m good bro, happy new year.’ She smiled.
“Abi na, we thank God. Its a really new year.” He smiled.
‘I should come to the palace? For what?’ Gloria asked as she walked inside looking so beautiful.
“Yes now. Since the King assisted us, you’ve never come to greet him and I’m not even sure if you’ve seen the Queen before.” He replied.
Gloria smiled and turned into laughter. She kept on laughing and staring at Daniel. ‘You won’t know, don’t tell the Queen about me sha.’ She added.
“Hmmn? Okay don’t worry. I’ll do as you want, stand by your will.” He smiled and laid on the sofa.
‘That’s means all Darasimi told me is true. This Queen can harm Darasimi too, even me myself. I must not reveal anything about my mother to her not even a bit.’ He thought.
He slept off on the chair he laid on, he phone was personalized to silent when he was tired of his whatsapp messages, he forgot to return it back to normal. The King had called him severally but he wasn’t picking up. The Queen came out and thought it would be an opportunity to implicate Darasimi more where the King is. She started her lies.
Tony was in his car all alone, off to get some provisions that evening, he was on a fast speed because there were some places he still wanted to touch. He got there and started picking what he’d love to get, he was listening to the sales girls as they were playing. He was smiling, suddenly he heard. “Damilola, don’t take that groundnut, it won’t be funny oh!”
He turned and peeped at them. “DAMILOLA?” He asked again. He picked all he could and got back into his car, still thinking. He remembered the issue of perfume he smelt and Damilola he just heard flashed back into his memory. He continued thinking but still didn’t hit anything, he drove home and noted that name.
He got home and was somehow sad, he dropped his car key and sat in the sitting room. His two children rushed down to come and greet him, his wife was still heavily pregnant then. She came down to smiling, to welcome her husband.
“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” The daughters were asking.
His wife came down, looking very beautiful with the Ghana weaving hair on her. She was smiling only to discover that her husband wasn’t happy. “Haha. ” She exclaimed and walked properly beside him. “What’s the matter?” She asked with concern written all over her.
‘I’m okay. Just trying to remember something.’ He replied.
“Remember? About that issue?” She asked.
‘Yes.’ He replied and smiled at her. He cuddled his daughters “don’t worry dad is fine. Go to your rooms and rest.” He smiled to them.
The girls left for their various rooms while Tomilayo was still with him, also thinking.
“I heard a name today.. Damilola. I’ve been trying to remember what the name is all about but can’t at all.” He said.
‘Okay, let’s start like this. She was your sister, fianceé, cousin, nephew, niece, mother or what?’ She emphasized.
“I don’t know.” He replied.
The students resumed back to their various schools. The princess and her friends were after bringing Darasimi down. They called the guys that will execute the work for them. They concluded that they will carry out their operation on friday night.
They concluded on money and everything, those guys were exactly the same guys that kidnapped Tony. They still exist and still work together hire killing people for money.
“She’s gonna regret this!” The princess smiled and crossed her legs.
To be continued