Total Love Episode 46


Raymond walked up to the girls smiling. He was cute, tall and handsome. Smelling nice and without his father’s guards. “Hi.” He waved as he moved closer and smiling.
‘The prince.’ Funke tapped her friend and smiled. They looked at each other and stared at him without replying. “What is he doing here?” Gloria uttered silently.
‘I’m greeting you ladies.’ He said and walked closer.
He walked closer and continued smiling at them. “How are you?” He stretched his hand forward for handshake.
‘Fine.’ They replied at once.
‘I love your outfit, you are looking beautiful.’ He pointed at Funke.
‘Argh.. Thanks your Ma..’
‘Don’t complete it!’ He interrupted quickly. “I’m Ray, don’t call me majesty. Majesty bawo?” He laughed.
“Ooh boy, be fast oh!” Tony shouted from where he was.
Ray looked at the back and smiled. He stretched his hand demonstrating to him to wait.
‘Let me help you with the water.’ He uttered, stretching his helping hand.
‘No.. You are a prince!’ Funke stopped him.
“Em.. The Prince, don’t bother about that. We can do it ourselves.” Gloria added.
‘Noo.. I can help you. Do you live together?’ He asked smiling.
‘Em..’ Gloria stammered staring at Funke with the face “should I tell him?”
‘Ray, I’m waiting oh. We aren’t with the guards oh!’ Tony shouted.
He shunned him. “Please talk.” He quickly talked.
‘Okay, around the village, beside the pap seller’s place.’ Gloria said.
‘Ehnehn.. Em.. That place around the market?’
“Exactly.” Funke replied, bending to carry the pot.
Raymond quickly bent to assist her with the pot.

Raymond and the girls departed. He walked up to his friend standing around the river. “I’m sorry dude, let’s go jurh.” He uttered smiling at him.
Tony changed his face as if he was angry and started laughing with time. “You no fit act, you can be a theatre artist. You are pretending as if you were angry but not angry.” He laughed.
‘No problem, we shall see. As the oga na.’ Tony laughed.
‘Should we go to their place now?’ He asked smiling, although he wasn’t ready to go just pulling Tony’ legs.
“Carry me there.” He replied laughing, he knew it was deliberate.