Total Love Episode 47


Damilola and her best friend, Dolapo were in the living room. Dami’s mother who’s the women-leader of the Kingdom had gone for meeting then and her father, to his place of work. They were gisting about the issue of their boy-friends happily since no one was at home to know about what they were talking about.
“See that guy, I mean Tony. He won’t want to do such a thing. Cheat on me? Hmmn.. I’ll make him know I’m tough!” Dami shouted.
‘I know you, you are tough. This Demola of mine, I can’t trust him. I see him with different ladies, he’s just..’
‘Heeeeeeee… See the person I’m calling my best pal oh. Don’t worry, leave everything to me, we’ll treat his f–k up for him, he’ll know that you have a crazy friend.’ She expressed lifting her body up and down.
‘I fear oh.. He’ll be wounded now.’ Dolapo was concerned.
“Is he not doing more than that to you?” She asked rhetorically.
‘Yes but you know..’
“Girl it don finish.” She uttered and shunned her, adjusting her hair.
Tony and Damilola were together at Dami’s place gisting when Raymond arrived happily with two packs. He knocked at the door and was allowed in. Tony was surprised seeing him there. “How did you know I’m here?” He asked staring at his two hands
‘Where else can you be?’ He smiled.
Dami kept staring at him, smiling and adjusting her hair. “See handsome guy.” She was thinking and continued with her smiling.
‘What do you have in there?’ Tony asked standing with the mind of him collecting one. Its as usual, it must be that the King just bought us something. He wondered.
Whatever the King or Queen buys for the Prince, they’ll also get for Tony too. Both still didn’t know they were twin brothers.
‘Do you now want to snatch it? Anyway, they are phones. Father just gave them to me as a casual gift, a white man brought it into the Kingdom.’ He explained.
“Phone?” He smiled and stretched his hand forward to collect his own.
‘There is a sim there also, I’m off to somewhere, I’ll see you later.’ He smiled and gave his his pack.
‘Where are you going to. You aren’t with the guards?’ He asked.
‘I’m with them. Father insisted that they must follow me…………
To be continued
To be continued