Total Love Episode 48


He was helped inside. Thank God the girl’s parents weren’t inside the house, he was well taken care of and was normal. Tony was still feeling somehow to look at Gloria and Funke, they all departed that day without revealing anything.
The King’s cough worsened. He knew his days were already numbered. He sent for the women leader and her daughter, he invited Tony and Raymond to be seat also. The Queen and Seun were also there.
“I called this important meeting because you all know that my says are numbered.” The king uttered and paused.
‘Numbered?’ Ray said silently.
“This is a medium I got to ask the hands of your daughter in marriage for my son.” The King uttered facing the women-leader.
‘Hmmmn…….’ Tony grinned and looked sideways. He stared at Ray for some minutes.
Ray’s mouth was opened, he couldn’t close it. His eyes was still focused on Tony, “My best friend” he was thinking.
‘Em… Fath..’ He was shunned by the King not to utter a word.
The King continued what he was saying. “I wish you please release your beautiful daughter for my son to marry. Before a man becomes the king, he must have a wife.” He uttered.
‘Father, I can get..’
“Shut up!” The King shouted and shunned him again.
“That’s a simple thing your highness, your wish is our command.” The women leader uttered.
Seun and Toye were seated beside each other smiling. They didn’t know anything about all what was happening.
It was immediately Dami and her friend left, Tony had his asthmatic attack. Raymond quickly knocked at the door so that the girls would come and render assistance. They came out with a great pretense of not hearing what Tony discussed with Dami but never knew they’d meet him that way.
Thank God the two girls’ parents aren’t in, they rushed Tony in and Ray got his inhaler from Tony’s pocket. He was okay in some minutes time but couldn’t look at Gloria and Funke.
“What’s bothering you man?” Raymond asked him.
‘Bothering? I’m not bothered. Let’s get going.’ He replied.
‘We should start going?’ He asked again.
“Yes now.” Raymond replied.
The King had started liking Damilkola from the day he saw her in the palace, she’s even a daughter of an important personality in the kingdom. He invited Dami and her mother, the woman leader to the palace. He got Tony and Raymond to also be present and the Queen with her best friend.
He started everything after he had some cough. “As you all know, my days are already numbered on earth.” He paused.
‘Numbered?’ Raymond repeated.
“Yes, a man with a chronic asthma can die at anytime. I don’t want to be flown abroad, I’m okay. The purpose of this meeting is based on you, the women leader.” The king pointed.
‘Me?’ She asked again.
‘Sure, you. I called you and your daughter to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage. I want her to marry the prince.’ He uttered.
“HUH?” Tony and Raymond stared at each other.
‘I now see that the days of this king are numbered. What is he saying now?’ Tony uttered faintly.
‘Yes, what’s your huh about? Please, I want you to consider this that I’ve said.’ The King added.
Tony and Damilola started looking at each other. Dami wasn’t disturbed, although didn’t show that she was happy but within her, she was happy.
‘Its a little thing your highness, your wish is our command.’ The woman replied.
“So you’ve agreed?” The king asked smiling.
‘Sure. We’ve concurred.’ She replied.
The Queen and her friend were just smiling where they were. They didn’t know anything.
‘Haha.. Will this girl just go like that ni?’ Tony was thinking.
“She’s pregnant for me oh!”
To be continued