Total Love Episode 49


“She’s pregnant for me!” Tony kept thinking uncomfortably.
‘That’s the final.’ The King uttered.
‘Em..’ Raymond wanted to talk but was shunned again.
Dolapo and her friend met discussing about the issue of Tony and the Prince. She was happy but thoughtful about her pregnancy. ‘So what are we now going to do about this now?’ Dolapo asked thinking on what to do.
“Its very easy now. The prince and I will marry in less than a week time, according to the King. Therefore, I can still pretend till I get married to him.” She replied.
“So you really much love that guy? What of Tony now and Ray’s babe?” She continued her question.
‘My business? They must solve themselves out. But I have an impression that the girl Ray is going out with heard all what I discussed with Tony.’ She added.
“Urgh.. That will be a problem now. You guys didn’t look around so well?” She asked sadly.
‘My mind didn’t strike that, all I was thinking on was just about breaking the news.’ She uttered.
“Its very simple. Funke can use that to implicate you so that she would be able to glue to the prince. We’ll eliminate her and her friend.” She suggested.
‘What of Tony?’ She asked with thoughts.
“Eliminate him too…..” She added.
‘Eliminate? The father of this unborn baby.’ She uttered.
“Baby? Let’s go and flush this thing out my friend.” She adviced.
Dami stared at her scornfully. “Abort? I can never do it. So you are this short-memoried. Have you forgotten that it was abortion that killed Wunmi.” She said.
‘That’s true.’ Dolapo replied, still thinking.
Dami kept on thinking. “This point we are now, we are on the lane of no mercy. We are going to eliminate anyone that crosses our path.” She uttered.
‘Tony?’ She quickly asked.
“Sure, he should even be the first.” Dami uttered.
‘No problem then.. I trust you.’ Dolapo replied.
A week later…
Dami and Raymond’s wedding came up, great and interesting. It was after the wedding Tony started sending messages that he would reveal the secret between them. Everything turned out to be scary, she quickly called on her friend to eliminate Tony as fast as possible.
To be continued