Total Love Episode 45


They heard the voice from nowhere. It was the King who spoke, they all faced the back and saw him and was terrified.
It was on a sunny afternoon. Lolade, a young woman who also just gave birth to a daughter and named her Gloria. She didn’t know the meaning of the name and didn’t know it was a christian name, she just loved it. She was walking by the road side and met Feyi there with a new born baby, weeping. She walked closer to her when she heard the baby crying and her mother didn’t attend to her.
“Madam, the baby is… Why are you crying?” She changed her topic on seeing her face when she rose her head.
Feyi raised up her head and continued crying. Lolade walked closer to her, ‘why now?’ She asked wearily again.
‘Your baby is handsome.’ She uttered.
“Handsome? She’s a female, and that’s not what we are talking about now. Why are you crying?” She insisted.
‘Urgh, may God not let you a quater of my problem. I’ve just been sent out of my house.’ She uttered.
‘Your house? You rented it?’ She continued her questions.
‘Yes, my husband died when I got pregnant and his family sent me out of his house. Since then..’ She wept.
‘No, stop crying. Its not good if your tears drop on this girl. You don’t need this. I wish to help you, I’ll have to suspend where I’m going to. Let’s go my place.’ She said.
“Ehn? D… Do you me.. Mean..” She stammered.
‘Yes, don’t bother. My husband is nice, you don’t need to bother. If you just wish.’ She uttered.
Feyi wiped her tears and took her stand. “Bother? I’m ready.” She uttered.
Lolade smiled and helped her with the one bag she was with. ” Where are the remaining luggages?” She asked.
‘That’s all I have.’ She replied.
Feyi got to Lolade’s place and started living with her and her husband, she did follow Feyi to her shop and work together.

‘You are a thief then!’ The King uttered from the back. They all turned to the back and was terrified.
‘Is it because she now gave birth to a set of twins?’ The King smiled.
Seun kept staring at him. How did he know, “we are in soup” she thought.
‘Now, before all of you knew she gave birth to a set of twins, I’ve known. The medical doctor had told me he did a scan and saw them. I knew you’d plan it this way, such is life.’ The king smiled.
“ kn..know?” She Queen shivered.
‘Yes. Now to you Mr money collector, if I hear this anywhere, I’ll assume you said it even if not you! The other child will be living here so that no one will suspect.’ The King uttered.
“Y… Yyy.. Ye.. Yes your h…highneess.” She automatically stammered, shivering.
‘Yes, no problem. I’ve been tracing all of you and I’ve been present in all your meetings, just to know if you want to eliminate one of my children.’ He smiled.
“Haa.. Never!” Seun shouted.
The Queen was relieved and smiled.
‘The one with us will bear Raymond, this one that will start living with you will be Tony. We’ll gv names when the time comes but these are the names I want for them.’ He uttered and left.
The Queen and Seun laughed seriously at Segun. “I can now tell you to go and bring me my 1M.” The Queen mimicked and laughed.
«Twenty years later»
Tony and his twin brother, Raymond gad grown up to twenty years. The King is already weakened by his sickness. The lives of the babies born twenty years back started.
Tony had been introduced to Raymond as a friend and not his brother. They were best of friends. Loved each other like brothers that they were and but didn’t know. Raymond was living in the palace while Tony was still living with Seun and was told Seun was his mother.
The two “jolly friends” do go hunt and watch females by the stream everyday when they were less busy.
Funke and Gloria were by the river playing before they wanted to carry their clay-pot and go home. The two friends arrived there and met the girls. “See beauty!” Raymond tapped Tony and pointed to Funke.
‘Na you sabi, you know Damilola musnt see me looking at girls.’ He laughed.
‘Shey that Dami, the daughter of women leader?’ He asked, his eyes were focused on Funke.
‘Yes now.’ He replied.
“This is serious!” Raymond exclaimed.
‘My friend, take am easy oh.’ He replied smiling.
‘Honestly, wait here. I’m coming.’ Raymond smiled and left him.

To be continued