Total Love Episode 44


“THEY MUST BE KILLED!” He shouted.
‘Why will they be. You’ve helped and we are thankful, they shouldn’t.’ She shouted back.
‘So you can still shout back at me. Let’s wait and see.’ He replied and picked his shirt. He left the house immediately.
The midwife and her daughter were just in their home, discussing about the King’s family and about the delivery of the Queen. Omitola was just smiling. “Mother, why is there is useless rule about twins?” She asked
‘Its a long story my daughter. Let me explain. There was a family, long time ago. They had no child, and were very rich. Their richness was nothing to show off because they had no child. They later give birth to a set of twins then and immediately they were given birth to, the community turned into commotion. The King gave up a ghost and different things started happening, they would be the first set of twins that would be given birth to in this Kingdom. From then, giving birth to a set of twins was prohibited, they term them as evil children.”
‘Urgh, so who told them its because of those children that all that happened?’
“It was their belief.” Omisola replied.
Tola sighed.
Segun left the house angrily, Seun was disturbed and angry. “Who knows where he’s off to now.” She asked herself and ran after him. “Oko mi!” She shouted, but Segun didn’t answer her.
She caught up with him and apologized to him. “Then, we have to seal a promise. You, Queen and I.” He uttered.
“PROMISE?” She repeated.
‘Yeah.’ He replied.
‘What promise?’
“A contract…….”

‘A contract….’ He uttered.
“I thought as much, he’s just unfor… Don’t let me complete it, he won’t be unfortunate sha.” She said silently.
‘Em.. What contract?’ She asked.
‘Okay, the Queen will be present when I’ll say it. I’m going to have some palm wine over there.’ He uttered.
‘Don’t get yourself drunk oh. If you get drunk now, you can start uttering what you ought not to. And… Don’t go sef.’ She complained.
‘No, I’ve promised. Once we strike the deal, nothing more.’ He said.
“Alright, later.” She waved and turned back.
The Queen and Segun started the contract. Seun was also present there, looking very annoyed. “Em.. Your highness, its not that I want to be like this but situation warrants it. Let’s start from 1M” he uttered.
‘1 M? What do you mean?’ The Queen asked.
‘One Million.’ He uttered.
‘Haha, one million? Wetin!’ Seun shouted.
The Queen smiled, and stared at him. “I’m not joking, I’m serious. Deal or no deal?” He insisted.
‘Do you mean this that you’ve just said?’ The Queen asked again.
‘I’m serious. That’s it.’ He replied.
‘Haha.. Segun, what’s the meaning of this?’ Seun shouted.
“You better don’t shout, it won’t cost me anything to tell the King!” He shouted.
‘No problem, I’ll do just that. I’ll get it for you tomorrow.’ The Queen promised.
Segun smiled. “That’s all.” He replied.

Omisola and the Children examiner came into the palace with a set of twins. The Queen and her friend was with the King, all gisting. They interrupted their discussion, the King instantly understood that someone just gave birth to a set of twins.
‘Your highness a woman..’ One of the examiners was saying while the King cut in.
‘Yeah.. Twins abi?’ He asked.
“Yes your highness. She gave birth to a set of twins.” He concluded.
Omisola was somehow smiling to the Queen and her friend. “Go and do the necessary thing for them!” He exclaimed.
The Queen’s mood changed instantly. She thought to herself that if the King should know that she gave birth to a set of twins, he would kill them right away.
The Queen handed over the money to Segun. Her account became almost empty after she gave him the money. He smiled and collected the money. He walked inside and kept the money, he had in his mind that that’s how he’d collect the money everytime from the Queen till he gets satisfied.
Seun was really annoyed and disappointed in her husband. They all sat down and started their discussion again. “Well, after this, there is nothing more.” The Queen uttered.
‘Well, I can’t assure you of that. We can’t tell, I can ask for more.’ He uttered.
‘Mr Segun! What do you mean, we are okay, this is what they refer to as blackmail!’ Seun shouted.
‘That’s what you call it, that’s what I want!’ He shouted.
“THEN YOU ARE A THIEF” A voice uttered from nowhere.
To be continued