Total Love Episode 43


The Queen and Seun were in the living room, the king left them there to continue there talks. Seun was worried about her husband, if par adventure the baby is given back to her, where will she take him to? She and the Queen started thinking of a way out of their problem.
Not farther than then, the King came downstairs. “Tell your husband to see me. I have to sympathize concerning the loss of your sister.” The King said.
‘Urgh?.. Ooh… Y..yes your highness.’ She stammered.
The King went back upstairs. Seun was totally confused, she knew the kind of husband she had, he could come and scatter everything that has been arranged before the King.
‘We have no choice than to tell him.’ The Queen hesitated, staring at the twin brother.
‘I know my husband. He’s a talkative, he can use that as a threat when we aren’t on good terms or when he wants me do something I don’t want to.’ She replied.
‘I’ll beg him personally and even give him money.’ The Queen uttered.
‘He can use this as a medium of black mailing again. If he has money, he spends lavishly. Once the money finishes, he’ll ask for more. He can drain you.’ She added.
“Urgh! I’m fed up now oh! Which kind hubby be yours now.” They laughed.
Feyi, she gave birth all along to a female child. It was the midwife and her daughter that eventually took the delivery and it was successful. She took the baby back home, no one to celebrate together, to eat is a great problem. She named her “Olufunke”.
Segun, Seun’s husband got to the palace, well dressed. He bowed and greeted the King. Seun and the Queen were together, seated in the Palace when he arrived. Seun was surprised at his arrival. “Who told this man to come?” She thought to herself with fear rocking her heart.
Segun was offered seat, his mouth was never closed. “You sent your guards to get me, your highness.” He uttered.
‘What! The guards? Is this man not going to destroy the plan bayi!’ The Queen said silently with fear and curiosity written all over her.
“As if I can behead him. Why did the King send the guards without letting me and the Queen know about it.” Seun also thought said silently.
“Yeah, I heard your wife’s sister died. That’s why I’ve sent my guards to get you since your wife has been here since, I don’t want her to be roaming around when her sister just died when labouring.” The King said.
‘Sister?’ Segun asked thoughtfully.
He faced Seun to see her reaction to what the King just said. Seun started winking and blinking at him. “I pray he gets.” She thought to herself.
‘Yes now.’ The King replied facing him.
The Queen started sweating, not in her right mood any longer.
“Ooh.. Its true your highness. Her sister died, its a pity your highness.” He uttered setting one eyes on the King and the other on Seun.
She breathed normally and was somehow relieved.
“… And congratulations about this new born baby your highness.” He quickly uttered to change the topic.
‘Yes, we thank the Gods of our land. And the son she gave birth to will be living with us till he’s above the breastfeeding stage.’ The King uttered.
‘So after the breastfeeding stage, where will you take the prince to?’ He asked.
‘Not the prince, I mean the child she gave birth to in labour.’ The king relied.
‘Labour? Alright your highness.’ He replied smiling and somehow looking at his wife.
Seun got back home and met Segun seated angrily. He had been waiting for her to arrive from the palace so he could fire her. “What’s the meaning of that nonsense!” He shouted.
‘Oko mi, I’m very sorry for all that. Let me explain everything to you.’ She replied and took her seat.
‘I’m all ears, explain fast fast so that I can know what to do. Maybe I’ll go back to the King or something else.’ He exclaimed.
“Em.. The Queen.. Em.. She was in.. Em.” She parabulated.
‘Won’t you talk. When did “Em” enter into your own dictionary. My friend *o je soro!*’ he shouted.
‘The Queen.. Em… She was in labour the other time.’ She concluded and paused.
‘Story, my business with that is now what? Talk jare!’ He shouted at her again.
“She gave birth to a.. She paused
‘A? Twins?’ He quickly predicted and clicked.
‘Yes, so we planned it that way so that they won’t be killed.’ She said sadly.
“THEY MUST BE KILLED!” He shouted.
*oko mi- my husband, in yoruba language.
*o je soro*- u beta talk “” “” “” “” “” “” “”
To be continued tomao…