Total Love Episode 42


The Queen was rushed to the midwife’s place by a car. Her best friend also went with her, the King was in the palace, he canceled all meetings and was in his inner chambers, he was there calling on the gods of his fore fathers and very scared.
Seun got all the baby’s necessary materials ready, the Queen didn’t step the hospital after the departure of the Doctor from the palace when she conceived. The King prohibited her from going out and called on the midwife to daily come to the palace to check on her and give her concoctions till she gives birth.
If it wasn’t necessary that she must deliver in the midwife’s place, the midwife would have personally come to the Palace to take the delivery.
Feyi, her husband died some days after she discovered she was pregnant. The family of her husband chased her out of the house and concluded that the baby she was carrying wasn’t for their brother. She left the house, it was on the way to an isolated place in the Kingdom she met the Christians that preached to her, from then, she had been praying and steadfast in God. She neglected the idols they serve in their kingdom and was closer to God.
The Queen eventually gave birth so easily but it was very unappealing that she gave birth to a set of twins. She delivered two boys but luckily weren’t identical. She started sobbing in the midwife’s place, Omisola started thinking about how long she had been trying to conceive and even when she was in labour.
‘I have a plan, before the birth-guides get here.’ She quickly said.
Seun was also sitting on the floor, unhappy to see that her dearest friend just gave birth to a twins. Omitola was alos present but the maids and guards guarding the delivering house were outside.
‘What?’ Seun quickly asked wiping away her tears.
The Queen was attracted to her clause and quickly turned to her. “What is it? Please save me.” She uttered weeping.
‘You are the Queen of this Kingdom. You shouldn’t be weeping this way, I beg of you…’
‘Why won’t I? I’ve just given birth to an abomination.’ The Queen expressed.
‘I feel we can keep one of these babies, your best friend will keep one and you’ll withhold one. We will keep this as a secret since they aren’t identical.’ Omisola said.
“Em.. Th..that’s a great and good idea. I succumb to it..” The Queen said instantly.
‘Yeah, we have to act fast before these people come to check if you’ve just given birth to twins.’ Omitola advised.
‘This will be an everlasting secret between the four of us here.’ Seun said.
‘That’s nothing. I know my daughter, we don’t disclose secrets to anyone, no matter what!’ Omisola smiled.
‘Now, I’ll make a way so that you’ll start living with us in the palace, then I can breastfeed the child there secretly.’ The Queen said.
“That’s not a problem. I’ll bring him to the palace tomorrow as the son of my late sister. I’ll tell the King that Omitola was in charge of her delivery when that my sister died. So, you’ll monitor the remaining.” Seun grinned.
‘Nice one. Its very easy, absolutely easy to tell lies!’ Omisola smiled.
They all laughed happily.
One of the babies was given to the Queen while the other was quickly taken to the nearby bush after he had been breastfeeded by the Queen. Omitola was with the twin brother in the bush, taking care of him while Seun followed the Queen to the Palace so the King won’t suspect anything. They all pretended as if nothing happened when that child examiners came to know the gender and congratulated the Queen.
The Queen and the new born baby were conveyed to the palace that day. The King was very happy that he just gave birth to a son. He collected the baby boy and played with him, he damned all the council meetings he ought to head that day and days after due to his happiness. Oluseun was also happy that the King was pleased, assuming the all know that the Queen gave birth to a set of twins, it wouldn’t have been a funny case.
It was early the next morning. Oluseun arrived with the twin brother into the palace, she was weeping profusely and was allowed to sit. The Queen and the King got downstairs on knowing she was the one around. “What happened?” Queen quickly asked and moved towards the baby to see if he was still alive, she was thinking of something else before, “maybe he died”.
‘Be patient woman!’ The King shouted at Toye as she was being forward to check the baby’s face.
The Queen relaxed and kept her hands back. She took a seat beside her friend. “What happened?” She asked again.
‘My sister kicked the bucket yeaterday evening when she was delivering this baby boy.’ She uttered.
‘Its a pity. I’m sorry about that.’ The King said pitifully.
‘Urgh! A woman that walks into the delivery house and comes back alive doesn’t know what God has done for her.’ Queen shook her head pitifully, staring at the child as if she should snatch him and quickly breastfeed him.
‘That’s why I came your highness.’ Seun said.
‘Thanks for your gestures concerning my wife’s delivery yesterday. I guess you can give the baby to my wife for him to be well take care of, then after he has passed the stage of b—-t feeding, he’ll be returned to you.’ The King uttered.
Seun and Toye stared at each other. Seun’s mouth was shaking, she was very surprised the King could speak in that way.
‘Is it that this man just gave birth to a prince that is making him this nice?’ Queen Toye thought to herself.
‘…. Or you don’t agree?’ The King stared at her closely.
‘A..ah.. W.why not sir.’ She quickly uttered and handed the baby over to the Queen. “Thanks so much your highness. I’m more than surprised.” She uttered bowing before him.
Happiness was written all over the Queen also. She started the breastfeeding right from where she was given the baby.