Total Love Episode 41


The Doctor eventually confirmed she was pregnant. There was nothing much like happiness in her life before, she was more than sad before but now, she was more than happy. She was happy to the core, the King who was just getting alright too got off the bed on hearing this happy news.
The Queen and her best friend got back home together, they were driven by the driver in a Benz car. Her joy was just overflowing, her friend was also happy for her. They started their gisting from the car. “I thought the King had impregnated someone before, that’s why you are unable to conceive.” Oluwaseun said.
‘Does it matter?’ The Queen asked smiling.
‘See me oh, you that was crying some hours back, now laughing. Then don’t tell me you don’t know that if a King has impregnated anyone before becoming the King, he won’t be able to have any other child, especially a crown prince.’ She emphasized.
‘Never knew. That’s their business, at least I’m carrying my baby now, its a thing of joy!’ She shouted.
‘Anyway, don’t stress yourself sha oh. I’ll be checking on you every day and spend more hours than before with you. You can’t know how happy I am, as if I’m the one that is pregnant.’ She laughed.
The Queen laughed too. “Thank you my dearest friend.” She continued laughing happily.
The King was back on his throne with happiness written all over him. He was very happy and joyful that at last he would have a child. He suspended the meeting with his chiefs that afternoon and was in his wife’s room playing with her. Olatoye too was really wondering that she had never seen the King so happy like that before. He was always frowning and exclaiming on the word “MY ORDER WILL ALWAYS BE MY ORDER.”
The Church congregation and Pastors arrived in that Kingdom, that afternoon. They came to come and win souls for God which was an abomination to the Kingdom. It was only Feyi, a young woman that was preached too and given bible. Her soul was totally won before the King ordered the whole people to be brought before him.
He was so annoyed but in him he was thankful they’ve not preached to anyone and they’ve not shared their “useless bible” as he usually address. He ordered them to be burnt in the village square. He was without mercy during his reign. It was only a woman that was pregnant “Feyi” that could only be preached to.
The Doctor was invited to the Palace for questioning about the pregnancy. He was dressed in a cream suite and around his neck was a sthetoscope, he sat with the Queen and his wife in the palace and the discussion started.
“Is it possible for the unborn baby to have asthma also?” The King asked with eagerness written all over him.
‘Yes your highness. It is 100% possible and it may not happen also, no one can tell.’ He replied.
The King sighed. He wasn’t pleased by the answer he heard, he didn’t want his unborn child to have asthma. “Thanks Doctor.” He replied smiling.
The doctor smiled back and took his stand, ready to leave back to work.
He was on his way out when the chiefs also walked into the palace. They were holding their walking sticks and in Agbada attire. The exchanged pleasantries and walked into the Palace.
They greeted the King normally and all took their seats. “This one that I’m seeing a Doctor from the city, hope no Problem?” Chief Koku asked smiling.
The Queen stood up and excused herself to her room. The King laughed. “Its a thing of joy.” The king replied smiling.
‘Abi our expectation has come to reality.’ Chief Koku asked smiling.
“Exactly!” The King laughed out.
The chieves all laughed and were happy to hear that. “I just hope its not this Doctor that will carry out the delivery” Chief Koku uttered.
‘Haha! Koku! You talk too much, since we came in, you never took a rest. Just asking questions and hoping. Nawa oh!’ Chief Tola shouted.
The King started laughing. It seemed the pregnancy had turned the King to a free person, unlike before, the meeting was usually hot.
‘Abi o.’ Chief Okunola added too.
‘That’s your business.’ He replied and faced the King back, smiling.
‘Its according to our tradition, the midwife will carry out the delivery on her. We can’t allow an outsider to do that for us, although, everything is now turning into a civilized world.’ The King uttered.
‘That’s great!’ Chief Koku quickly said.
‘Urgh!’ Chief Okunola shook his head at Koku. “Always foolish.” He thought.

To be continued