Total Love Episode 40


Daniel got home after the whole day with Darasimi. He was looking happy as if he was with the president, he passed through the living room to his room to rest for a while. He was so tired and full, he didn’t bother to come downstairs for dinner again.
The Queen wasn’t at peace, it was just as if her conscience wasn’t giving her rest, she was sighing up and down. Although the arrival of the King was near, the following day. The school will resume on the seventh of January.
Darasimi was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching the Television and kids that were shown that went to celebrate new year in a broadcasting corporation. She was smiling and sipping a bottle of Maltina while her mother walked out of the room, she just took a shower and relaxed on the sofa.
Darasimi stared at her for a moment, Olufunke wasn’t looking towards her direction. She was palming her hair that was wet, she felt refreshed.
“Mum!” Darasimi suddenly called.
Olufunke quickly raised her head up and looked at her. “Yeah. Why the shout?” She asked.
‘Nothing.’ She smiled.
“Nothing? And shouted that way?” She asked with curiosity of knowing why she was suddenly shouted upon.
‘Okay, just want to gist you about Tony.’ She replied smiling.
“TONY?” Olufunke asked staring at her, she took off her hand from her hair.
‘Yeah, or you don’t want to?’ She asked laughing.
‘You aren’t serious, do you now want to start teasing me?’ She shouted.
“Mum, just tell me what happened back then. Tony was asthmatic, Ruth also is asthmatic. Does it mean Tony is Ruth’s father?” She winked.
Funke was short of words. She stared at her for a moment and smiled. She walked up to her and sat beside her. “I’ll tell you want you’ve always wanted to hear. This is how it went……………..
The heavily pregnant woman was rushed in by her husband. He was panicking and breathing heavily. The man just married, so that was his first time of engaging himself in a woman’s labour. The woman eventually got to the midwife’s place, “Omisola” by name. She was the only able and best midwife in the entire Kingdom.
She welcomed them into the delivering house, she called her daughter to prepare everything needed. Her beautiful daughter, “Omitola” of twenty-five years of age. She started preparing the delivering room back to its normal structure and the woman was helped into the room while her husband was outside.
King Phillips, the paramount ruler of the great Kingdom. He ruled several villages under his kingdom with the rules of his forefathers and the ones he formulated himself. He was wealthy and very rich but despite all of this, he had something he was never happy with, he was asthmatic. If it wasn’t the oracle that chose him, he wouldn’t have been chosen as the King. Once he was attacked, it was usually very terrible, but once in a while.
Queen Olatoye, the King’s only wife. She was like an epitome of beauty. She was very beautiful and happily married to her husband but with no child for several years. Thank the gods of the Kingdom that King Phillips wasn’t interested in women, or else, he would have married several so that he would have children in the world and even a crown prince.
The family was a very happy one, just that the King was very stubborn when it comes to bringing the rules and regulations of the Kingdom to reality.
The woman was in labour for two days. The delivery was very serious, the husband couldn’t go back home. He was very afraid and stayed with his wife but was unable to see her.
It was very early in the morning, around 5:00am when Omisola called on her daughter to quickly go into the bush and get her some leaves that will aid the delivery. Omitola, the daughter was usually observant. She had always loved her mother’s profession and wished to take over after the demise of her mother.
The leaves were gotten and the woman eventually gave birth to a set of twins. Omitola wasn’t in the house then, she got home and met the woman weeping profusely and the husband also, Omisola was also sad to hear she gave birth to a set of twins, it was just as if disaster broke out.
Omitola entered and met them in the mood. She saw two handsome boys on the floor and stared at her mother. She walked closer and asked her what happened.
“She gave birth to twins.” Omisola replied her.

According to the tradition and rules of the Kingdom, twin children are assumed to be evil and are usually thrown into the evil forest for them to be devoured by animals and die. The woman was weeping profusely that she gave birth to twins, they were even identical.
The children were brought before the King, King Phillips who had no mercy and hated parabulating. He ordered the priests and guards in charge of things like that to eliminate the children by throwing them into the evil forest. The hard labour of two days was killed just like that because of the assumption that they were devilish and evil.
It was immediately after the judgment of putting the twins to death by throwing them into the evil forest that the King had his serious attack and was rushed to the hospital in the city for treatment. It was as if the babies attacked him themselves and dealt with him.
The Queen was in her room, weeping and very sad. “Where someone is searching for just a child, two children were thrown into the forest.” They don’t pity the nine months the woman used to carry the pregnancy and the pains, blood, tears shed before the baby could come to the world. They kill twins without mercy in that Kingdom.
Oluwaseun, the Queen’s honorable best friend from childhood. She lived close to the palace and was very beautiful. She had given birth to four children and was living with her husband. She came around and knocked at the Queen’s door, only to be surprised that she was crying and in deep thought.
She sat close to her and started cooling her down and speaking sense into her. She was a patient and wise woman.
‘My Queen, you don’t need all this you are into mow. You ought to be happy every time, what if I wasn’t the one that entered, someone else would have seen you in tears.’ She uttered.
‘Imagine, where someone had no child, two born babies were killed. Very soon, the King will marry another wife because of his health. We all know that asthma is very deadly and dangerous, he would want to have a son on earth now.’ She complained.
‘Is that why you are crying? Come of it “ore”‘ she hit her by her left hand.
‘This is not a matter of happiness. I’m more than being sad. I jus…..’ She felt dizzy and was just like vomiting. She quickly stood up and rushed into the restroom to vomit, she collapsed on her way back due to the dizziness. She was also rushed to the hospital where the King was.
to be continued