Total Love Episode 39


‘Why is it so hard to pronounce Tony? Mum!’ Ruth exclaimed.
‘I was surprised at how you got the picture and by the way, he’s dead.’ She replied.
‘Dead? How come?’ She asked turning the picture away from her view, she didn’t want to see the picture again.
‘He’s your father’s friend that died of asthma.’ She replied.
ASTHMA AGAIN? She uttered. Her heart was beating so fast, she was weeping and very afraid. “I can die at anytime too.” She thought.
The villages under the Kings’ kingdom had a severe meeting and decided the heads of each village will go and visit the king towards the religion he’s now interested in. He had deserted the traditional religion and priests for Pastors and churches. The other villages were still in the religion he deserted as an ungodly one.
The King was in the palace with his cabinet members discussing on the way forward when these Village heads stepped in to pick a day for them to have a meeting with him since he was busy.
The King told them to sit down, they would discuss everything out that day. They started their discussions, the cabinet members were also included in the meeting. The King refused to switch back to traditional religion other villages were in, he spoke to them about the new religion but all refused, including the cabinet members. They promised to start waging war with the King until he changes his religion and come back to bow before the gods of their land.
They left after uttering the phrase. The King was although frightened but didn’t show it so that they’d know that he believed in the God he was serving.
Ruth didn’t care to know more about Tony, like Darasimi has been doing. She went on with her life. The new year was already close, preparations for the new year festival started. The King had always been waiting for this time, its usually a time the King will travel to various villages under his Kingdom to know how far with them.
Daniel had bought Darasimi a lot of gifts, including his mother and sister. He wrapped them all and se out that afternoon of the 31st of December. It was 7:00pm already, although, the King wasn’t around, already in a village where he would sleep and continue his journey the next day which was the new year. Daniel got back home exactly 9:30pm, the Queen was in charge of the palace then. She questioned him severally to know if he was coming from Dara’s place. “Just a little time left for her to die.” The Queen thought in her.
It was just the first day of another year. Everything was getting rosy, Daniel left the house that morning and went to Darasimi’s place. He had the intention of provoking the Queen and the Princess, he was very much good at that.
Dara’s mother, Funke cooked and killed only a chicken. She was happy seeing Dan at their place to celebrate christmas with them. It was already around the evening, some minutes after four when Daniel and Darasimi took a walk outside to the forest side.
They started their discussion about the passport photograph. Daniel searched his entire pocket and wallet but couldn’t find the passport photograph. He was surprised he loosed the passport like that. They continued their discussion about it.
‘Its very surprising. But wait, let’s link some things together.’ Daniel uttered and halted.
‘Oya, start linking.’ Darasimi smiled.
‘Em.. Tony was the King’s best friend. He died of asthma and Ruth is asthmatic, we all know that asthma is heredity, so we can link it that Tony gave birth to Ruth and it looks as if the King gave birth to you.’ He uttered thoughtfully.
‘Nawa oh.. I’ve never thought this way, let’s make a plan………

The Queen was alone in the room, she was thinking about Tony. The picture Ruth brought to her was just like bringing a remembrance of the past to her. She called on a maid to call her Ruth, Ruth got there smiling. She was by the pool side with her friends while her mother called her.
“Where did you get the passport photograph from?” She inquired.
‘Em… I told you before na.’ She replied.
‘No.. You didn’t oh.’ Queen insisted.
‘Alright. I saw it in Daniel’s pause.’ She replied.
To be continued