Total Love Episode 38


Weeks later…
The school resumed back. Everyone got to school with new faces, looking beautiful and handsome. Ruth changed her wardrobe and brought new sets of clothes, she had a Brazilian hair plated on her. She got new wrist watches and other jewelries and accessories, she was looking changed.

Daniel and Darasimi had already called each other to meet at a particular place so as to set out for the library. They were more determined that semester to make it more than anyone and be the best. They met at the front of a restaurant, they were happy to see each other, they’ve not met since they resumed back to school.
They got to the library and met the Princess and her friends there studying. “Don’t let us enter, Ruth will see us.” Darasimi begged.
‘What the hell will she do? Call the Queen, that’s all.’ He replied laughing.
‘I just don’t want her to see us together.’ Darasimi chorused.
‘To your greatest surprise, see what I’m gonna do.’ He said and pulled her closer to himself. He hung his hand across her neck freely and pushed her to the front, they walked into the library.
Ruth was the first to see them and alerted her friends to look at them.
Ruth and her friend kept quiet and watched them. They knew it was deliberate of them, just to make Ruth jealous. They all stood up and left the library angrily. Daniel laughed silently, he was happy he chased them out of the library. “Shey na their type dey read?” He uttered, laughing.
Ruth sent the Queen a text message immediately after leaving the library, describing what all what happened to her, her friends advised her to add lies to it, like “what can the Queen do for me?” and so on.
The Queen was infuriated on seeing the message. Although she was angry, she didn’t want to strike then. All she wanted is for her to end her course in the university then find something horrible to do to her to make her parents regret.
Ruth & her friends got back to the hostel. She was looking so unhappy and irritated. She jumped on her bed on entering into the room with different thoughts coming into her brain. ‘You are thinking about those annoying goats right?’ Bibi laughed.
“Hey! This is my husband-to-be we are talking about oh. Abeg, chill out.” She replied smiling.
‘Na you sabi. That guy sef funny, I know sey them do that thing deliberately.’ Rachael laughed.
“I think I’ll follow P-square’s steps now.” Ruth uttered.
‘P-square? In this issue we’re discussing. Do they correspond?’ Rachael asked.
“Hmmn… I’ll deal with them..” She laughed, expecting her friends to finish the remaining part.
PERSONALLY! They all shouted, laughing.
Stella pulled out of the Kitchen. “Shey none of you is eating noodles before I cook it now oh.” She asked.
‘Cook am for everyone na, we dey hung here.’ Ruth replied.
“You guys no get hands abi? Me go dey there I go dey cook noodles for you these adults wey dey talk about a guy and babe wey dey enjoy each other out there.” She laughed back to the Kitchen.
‘You no well oh Stella!’ Bibi shouted, they all laughed.

Darasimi and Daniel set the pace of becoming the best and became the best, they read and passed. They checked their results together on the school website at Dara’s place. The holiday started again, everything was on smoothly. Preparation for the next session started little-by-little.
Ruth also performed excellently and was with her mother in the living room as they checked the result together. The Queen was so happy and told her to demand anything she wished she should do for her. Ruth smiled and told her she would tell her that later.
Daniel was walking around the house while he dropped his pause at the computer room in the house. Ruth went inside the computer room to check if there were anything new on the computer when she left the house. She met his pause and opened it to search.
She saw Tony’s passport photograph. She remembered she had seen a similar picture in the King’s room. She picked it and hurried to the Queen’s room, she wasn’t there. She had gone for meetings between the women leaders of the villages in the Kingdom.
She kept the passport so that she would ask the Queen when she comes about who the person was. She was in her room as she logged into her account on facebook and read different jokes and stories. She was jobless as she just finished watching the first season of “CITY HUNTER.” She was waiting for the second season to be out. There was nothing much to watch at home, she was tired of browsing and slept off in her room.
The Queen arrived shortly after she slept. She didn’t sleep for so long also as she woke up, she thought of what to do and logged into “” she started reading a story. She didn’t know the Queen had arrived, she heard her voice faintly from her room and rushed out to quickly go and inquire about who was in the passport. She got into the Queen’s room and greeted her, she didn’t delay the issue before showing her the passport.
‘Who’s this mum?’ She asked.
The Queen was really surprised. Her heart beat kept skipping, she stared at it and started shivering. “Where did you get this?” She asked with curiosity.
‘Mum, why who’s there?’ She asked again.
‘Aaarrh… She stammered Tony out.
…To be continued