Total Love Episode 37


Daniel and Darasimi talked for long before they departed. Daniel got to the palace looking tired, Ruth predicted he was coming from Darasimi’s place. She kept quiet and was in the living room watching cartoons. The Queen had already planted a guard that has been monitoring Daniel’s movements so she could know if Darasimi and Daniel was still meeting.
The guard returned some minutes after Daniel returned back to the palace, he waited for the Queen to return so that he would her how everything went that day. Daniel was already in his room, he took a cold shower then remembered the passport he was given by the King. He searched his clothes but didn’t find the passport, he wondered where it could be.
He slept off after searching for it without finding it. He had a dream of himself on the throne with Darasimi as the Queen. He was commanding thousands of people on the throne of that Kingdom. He woke up sweating profusely and smiled, “this is not possible.” He uttered as he stood up and walked to the living room where he saw that the Queen was already back from her outing.
The guard had downloaded everything he saw to the Queen before Daniel woke up. The Queen pretended as if she didn’t know anything and smiled at Daniel. “This girl deserves death.” She uttered smiling, after the departure of Daniel from her sight.
She was so desperate about getting whatever she wanted for her daughter. She started thinking on how she would eliminate her.

Olufunke was in the room, still thinking of how the passport got into the house. She clicked that it might be Daniel that mistakenly dropped it when he came. She rushed out to ask Darasimi that was in the living room if Daniel had asked her about the passport.
“Dara!” She shouted as she left the room.
Darsimi turned backward and stared at her. ‘Yes mum, can I help you?’ She smiled.
‘It seems you look happier than before now?’ She teased.
“Thank you mum.” She replied still smiling.
‘Has Daniel asked you about whether the passport we saw is here?’ She inquired.
“No mum.” She replied.
‘The passport is for him. Just tell him to see me to collect it when next you talk.’ She replied.
“No need mum, just give me and I’ll give him personally.” She urged.
‘No need, just tell him to see me. I’ll give him.’ She insisted.
ALRIGHT. She replied.
Daniel got to Funke’s place after Darasimi’s call. He was offered seat and served a bottle of Maltina. Darasimi sat down in the living room, she was pleased she would at least tap from their discussions when they start. Olufunke got out of the bedroom and called Daniel outside.
Darasimi was annoyed. “What’s the meaning of this, she doesn’t want me to know about their discussion? Anyhow, I’ll ask Dan, he’ll tell me.” She hissed angrily.
Daniel still didn’t know the motive behind the call Darasimi called him. They walked behind the house where there was a small farm. “This passport, is it yours?” She asked as she stretched it to him.
Daniel collected it and checked it. He was surprised. “Y..yes.” He replied staring at her surprisingly.
Olufunke smiled at him. ‘You must be very surprised dear.’ She concluded.
“More than surprised ma, em.. How did you know it belongs to me?” He asked again.
‘Wait, who’s that man in the picture?’ She asked.
Daniel looked at her, thinking why she wanted to know. “The King told me he’s Tony, his best friend who died of asthmatic attack.” He replied.
‘He’s dead?’ Funke asked surprisingly.
‘Yeah, do you by any chance know him ma?’ He asked politely.
‘Erh.. No. Just concerned about him.’ She replied.
‘Urgh.. So how did you now know that I’ll be the owner?’ He asked.
Funke sighed. “I know that I don’t have visitors, you’ll be my first visitor this week.” She replied.
“What a perfect liar.” Daniel thought. ‘Urgh, okay me.’ He smiled.
….To be continued