Total Love Episode 36


Olufunke sat down, still staring at the passport. She wondered how the passport got into the house. “This is Tony.” She kept on saying it. She took the passport and kept it in her pause, she walked inside to check on Darasimi. She entered without knocking on the door. “Sorry dear, you can’t under…”
Darasimi cut in immediately. “I can understand. Who is the man in the passport? Where do you know him? What do you have with the King?” She asked.
‘All these questions will be answered but its not yet time. I’ll tell you myself all you want to know but I want you to promise me something.’ She addressed.
‘I’m all ears.’ She replied, putting on a t-shirt.
‘You won’t have anything to do with the Royal family. I don’t want their wahala.’ She replied.
‘If I should start arguing with you now, I know you won’t answer me. I’ve heard.’ She replied.
Ruth patiently waited for the Queen to arrive so she could tell her that Daniel went to her place that day. The queen just took her shower after the hectic day when Ruth she met Ruth seated on the couch in her room.
‘Can I help you?’ She said and smiled on seeing her.
‘Mum, its against Daniel oh.’ She uttered.
‘Abi you saw him and that girl together?’ She asked curiously.
‘No, but I overheard him making a call of going there.’ She replied.
“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of that aspect.” She replied.
Daniel was at Darasimi’s place that evening. They were at the front of the gate talking. Daniel was out of the discussion into thoughts of different kind. “Its good to be at a royal authority, the Queen commands anyhow she likes and whatever she says must be obeyed.” She uttered.
Daniel was just staring at her but thinking of entirely different thing. He was thinking of his father, how he would be at that present situation. “How will he be, without christ when he dies.” He thought in him.
“DAN!” Darasimi shouted.
He came back to normal position. “Yeah.” He quickly responded, and had a heavy exhalation.
‘What are you thinking of?’ She asked, looking worried.
‘Just had a flash of my father, thinking of how he’ll be presently and where he’ll be without christ.’ He uttered.
Darasimi smiled. “I know its not just easy not to be with ones father. Me too nko?” She asked.
‘You are trying to make jest of me abi, at least you have a father you live with happily but I don’t. Although he may has many wives but you still live with him and he doesn’t beat your mum.’ He uttered.
‘It would have been better to know my dad, beating my mum.’ She replied.
‘Meaning? You aren’t living with your father?’ He asked.
Darasimi wasn’t sure, she didn’t know how to bring the matter to an understable stage.
‘Em.. Not really pleased. The issue is just that mum acts so strange these days. Dad doesn’t attend to our needs, he does to his other wives. He hates me and my mother, I do hear them talk about the palace also. There is something hidden.’ She said in displeasing heart.
‘This is great!’ Daniel uttered.
To be continued