Total Love Episode 35


Episode 35
‘Will it be wise of me to go to the Palace to confront her? She’s wicked and a murderer, she can just kill me. Wait oh, what would I have done I got there?’ He asked himself thoughtfully.
He heard Darasimi calling his name from the back. She had been running after him. It might just be like a password to death for her. She thought.
‘Don’t go, you’ll put me into trouble if you should go, please save me from this. Help me, you know how wicked she is.’ She addressed.
Daniel turned to the back and stared at her. “Alright, I’ve been thinking about it too. It won’t make sense to go and tell her about this. She might even kill me also. I just don’t want you to do me like this, we can always behave we hate each other so that people won’t go and tell her about us. I really love you!” He uttered and moved closer to her.
‘I do too, but what I passed through in that forest she took me to, to warn me was deadly. I even thought I would die there, really afraid of my life oh.’ She uttered.
‘Don’t worry dear, I’ll protect you. In every aspect. During this holiday, I’ll monitor her to know whatever she’s doing and planning against you.’ He promised.
‘Dan, don’t worry about that. I don’t want you to risk your life for me. Everyone in this village knows how wicked and heartless she is, please don’t.’ She begged.
‘I will, I’ll just make sure I monitor my movement to the core. I’m really afraid of something happening to you.’ He drew her to himself and hugged her.

The Princess and her friends were at the usual venue of their gists and games. Beatrice was laughing out loud concerning what happened to Darasimi when Ruth was explaining to them.
The Queen had assured her of not fearing him, she has scared her with death and she assured her she must have left Dan as at the morning she was telling Ruth.
Ruth was so happy to hear this
she called all her friends to come and play
with her so they would celebrate that Daniel was now his.
They were doing that when Daniel came out of the Palace. He knew the princess and her friends were by the pool side and could guess they were talking about Darasimi. They all kept quiet on seeing him come outside, he thought on what he could do and called a guard beside the entrance to the palace.
‘I’m going to my girlfriend’s place, when the king wakes up, just tell him I went out. Wanna go have nice time with her.’ He uttered in a loud voice, so that princess and her friend would hear.

Olufunke was clearing the living room when she discorvered the passport photograph that fell down from Daniel on the floor. “This is Tony!” She said exclaiming and was afraid. “Where has this girl found this passport, is she really investigating?” She asked himself.
Darasimi rushed out and saw her mum staring at the passport. “Mum, what happened?” She asked.
The broom fell off Funke’s hand on hearing Dara’s voice. “Em.. Nothing. Where did you find this passport photo?” She inquired.
PASSPORT? She asked as she moved closer to see who was on it. “I don’t know this man. Why?” She asked.
‘Em… Nothing.’ Funke replied smiling.
Darasimi shook her head angrily. “I knew it, I knew that was what you’d say!” She shouted and went inside.
to be continued