Total Love Episode 34


Darasimi made her way out of the forest. She got home sweating profusely, she sat on the floor as she entered into the living room. Olufunke came out of the room on hearing the door been opened. “You are back?” She asked surprisingly.
‘Mum, sit. I want to tell you something.’ She uttered breathing heavily.
Olufunke sat down staring at her. “Why are you like this. What chased you?” She asked concerned about her.
‘I got into trouble with the Queen.’ She said.
QUEEN? She quickly asked and stood up.
‘Mum, I hope there is no problem?’ She asked concerning her behavior.
Funke shook her head immediately. “No.” She replied.
Darasimi started suspecting her closely. “Mum, she said I should stop being friends with Daniel or else she might kill me, and I know her for that behaviour, human lives doesn’t mean anything to her.” She uttered
‘Then, we shouldn’t leave any trace. Leave him at once, I’m not ready to loose my one and only love.’ She uttered.
“Leave who? Daniel? She asked me to forgo him because she wants him to have a relationship with her daughter but Daniel doesn’t like her!” She exclaimed.
‘Whether he does or not, yours is to obey. Leave him and let my ming be at peace. I don’t want you to even have anything to do with the Palace and people living there.’ She addressed.
Darasimi stared at her closely. “Mum, you have an hidden agenda about the palace, the King’s family. Just tell me.” She uttered.
Olufunke felt cold. “No.” She shrugged.
Darasimi sighed and walked into the room angrily.
“Just come, weren’t you hurt?” She asked.
Darasimi didn’t bother to answer. “The queen musnt even know I’m still alive.” Olufunke said quietly.
Daniel went inside the King’s room on hearing his call. He took along his mouth organ, in case if the King was calling him to play the mouth organ for him. The king told him to sit down to discuss with him.
‘I’ve seen you as a child that obeys and a son of dignity. You see Ruth, she’s tha apple of my eyes and I don’t want any guys to love her apart from you.’ He uttered.
‘Dad, I know how you feel.. But…’ He paused.
‘Do you know you’ll become the next king if you get married to my daughter. What will it be like if she marries another man and he will be the King over you.’ He said.
‘Em… Dad..’ He didn’t know what to say.
‘Just go and think about it.’ He uttered.
Daniel’s phone beeped immediately after the King spoke. He was pinged by Darasimi who told him she doesn’t think the relationship would continue
The King showed Daniel Tony. His childhood friend who died of asthma. He gave Daniel one of Tony’s passport photograph.
‘What do I do with this?’ He asked.
The King smiled. “I gave you that so that you’ll be able to remember my daughter whenever you see that very close friend of mine.” He replied.
Daniel sighed. “Alright.” He responded and stood up, his mind was already at Darasimi’s place to go see her concerning the message she sent to him.
‘Will you just go like that without playing the mouth organ?’ The King smiled at him.
‘Mouth organ again. This man didn’t say this before. He should have told me, I have better thing to do jare.’ He thought.
He played the mouth organ for some minutes before he departed and went to Darasimi’s place. Their gate was always opened, he inhaled heavily before entering into the house. He entered and walked to their apartment, he exhaled heavily then and knocked.
Darasimi came out of the house, she was surprised to have seen him at her place. She started stammering. “Wh..what d…do yo..”
Daniel cut in. “Can I enter?” He asked.
‘Urgh… That?’ Darasimi smiled and opened the door wider than she did before. She offered him a seat.
Daniel sat down and looked around. There was silence for a minute, both were staring at each other. “Haha, you can’t even offer someone anything!” Daniel exclaimed.
‘Didn’t ha see my message?’ Darasimi thought and gave a smile. “Alright, I’ll be right back.” She uttered and walked to the Kitchen.
Daniel stood up and turned around. The passport fell from his pocket as he was about to fall while turning around the house. He didn’t notice. He sat down before Darasimi came and did as if he hadn’t turned his head at all, not to talk of standing.
Darasimi came out with a bottle of chilled Maltina drink and a neat glass cup beside it,in a new, brown tray. She got a stool and place it in front of him. She sat back on her seat. ‘See me oh. You can’t even open it. Where is the opener?’ He uttered with a look of disturbing her on his face.
‘Oh! Okay, I’ll get it now.’ She stood up and walked into the kitchen again.
She got out in no time with an opener and opened the malt. She smiled and sat back. “Wahala boy.” She uttered.
‘Wahala boy, anyhow. Will I be the one to pour it inside the cup?’ He stared at her and smiled.
‘You have hand oh…’ She replied.
‘Yeah.. I saw your ping. Was that a joke or something?’ He uttered, pouring the drink in the cup.
‘Em.. Actually.. The Queen kidnapped me today and gave me sound warning and she said she will kill me!’ She uttered.
Daniel dropped the bottle and stared at her. The Queen? He asked and stood up. He walked outside angrily, heading to the palace.
To be continued