Total Love Episode 33


Olufunke was also surprised seeing someone was with her in the house again. It was such a relieve when she saw that it was her daughter. They both stared at the door, it was Funke’s husband there. He walked inside the house and smiled.
‘What has he come to do?’ Funke thought in her. She stood up and yawned stretching her small body. “Can I help you?” She asked.
‘I don’t have any business with you but with this your daughter. You arrived home, you couldn’t come to me directly. You came to this woman you call mother.’ He uttered angrily at Darasimi.
‘What’s all this. Come to you? For what.’ She asked laughing and beating her hands together.
He faced Funke and said. “You never told me you’ve told her. We both promised never to tell her. No problem sha, when you are ready to go to the Palace.” He uttered.
PALACE? Darasimi asked and stared at his mother.
He opened the door and headed outside. Funke sat down without control. “This man has disrupted everything. She won’t let me now!” She thought in herself.
‘Mum what did he just say?’ She asked.
“What did I say?” She thought inwardly.
‘Em.. Him? Don’t mind your father oh.’ She smiled a little.
‘Whose father! Mum tell me what I don’t know, now or never.’ She shrugged.
‘Em…. Wha..t.’ She was stammering.
Darasimi nodded and smiled. She went inside to pick her handbag and left the house angrily.
Funke sat down crying, Darasimi plied to the side of the bush, not quite long after, she was crossed by a truck carrying woods in it and carried inside the truck forcefully.
She was taken away by the set of guys that bundled her inside the truck with them. They held an handkerchief that a reasonable amount of a sleeping dosage has been applied to it. She slept off after the handkerchief had been used to cover her nose for a while.
She was taken to “DARI” forest by those guys. There was like a hut there with a thatched roof and made of mud. The whole place look so neat as if someone was living there. One of the guys came out and brought out his phone to call the Queen. “Job well donr ma.” He uttered and bowed.
The Queen smiled and stood up straightaway. She had gotten the guys to help her kidnap Darasimi so she could deal with her.
12:04 PM
The queen got to the forest with her car, driven by the able driver who was terrified and afraid driving into the forest. He did it hoping he would get cool cash at the end of the day. They eventually got to the scene, the Queen alighted. She met the guys who stood far from one another guarding the place.
She smiled at them and walked into the hut. Darasimi was already awake then, she sighted the Queen and was terrified. “What on earth have I done?” She asked herself in a terrified situation.
Queen smiled to her and uttered “You should know me as a no-nonsense woman. It doesn’t cost me anything to end anyone’s life. Why are stepping into my daughter’s business!” She exclaimed
Darasimi couldn’t speak. She was already shivering. Different thoughts were just coming to her mind. “Someone who has ordered some people to be beheaded before. At what lenght can’t she deal with me?” She asked herself, still shivering and afraid as the Queen moved closer to her.
‘I give you 24 hours to leave Daniel. Whatever I want, I must get!’ She exclaimed.
The driver was just afraid in the car he was. He was staring at the hut inside the forest and the huge gigantic men that stood by the entrance of the hut. The Queen walked out some minutes later and told those guys to untie her and let her go.
She walked into the car back and counted ten thousand naira for the driver as the money for him to keep quiet.
“If any man hears about what you just saw, I’ll kill you!” She promised as she gave him the money.

To be continued