Total Love Episode 32


Daniel stared at his mum for a while. “Has she known?” He asked in his mind.”
She walked up to him and smiled. “It caught you. Just joking, welcome here.” She smiled.
Dan stared for some seconds before he got himself together. “Em..” He stammered.
‘You don’t need to do that. I guess you also have a skeleton in your cupboard or why are you acting this way?’ Beatrice laughed.
Daniel faced her and changed his face as if he was angry but just joking with her. “Skeleton ko, muscles ni.” He said while taking his seat near his mother. He relaxed and yawned, covering his mouth with his left hand.
‘Why did you come home?’ Gloria asked tuning the television station.
‘I caused a little trouble mum.’ He paused.
Gloria dropped the remote control and quickly faced him. “In the palace?” She quickly asked.
Beatrice also faced them squarely to listen to all they were discussing. Her eyeballs met with that of Daniel, she quickly took off her face and pretended she had not been hearing all what he was saying.
‘Naughty babe. I caught you o! Keep eavesdropping.’ He uttered.
‘I’m not now.’ She replied smiling.
‘Answer me, what happened?’ Gloria asked again.
‘I slapped Princess then she got her asthma attack.’ He uttered shyly.
‘See yourself. Pastor Daniel, you that preach to them, haven’t you now f—-d up!’ She exclaimed.
‘No mum. There was even a point in the scripture that Jesus canned those buying and selling in the temple because he was so angry. I told her not to call my friend “useless” but she continued. I was provoked.’ He uttered.
‘I pray you won’t walk on your father’s path. Beating a girl! Not an ordinary one but a King’s daughter!’ She shouted.
Bibi cleared her throat and faced the television back.
“Na you sabi!” He said to Bibi and faced Gloria back.
‘The King has forgiven me…’ He was saying while she interrupted him.
‘Thank God, but who’s this friend? Male or Female?’ She questioned.
Daniel frowned. “Female.” He shrugged.
Beatrice cleared her throat more at this time and itched her head all to attract his brother’s attention.
‘Female?’ The Queen asked.
‘Yes mum.’ He replied.
‘Ghen ghen!’ Bibi uttered although was facing the TV but was referring to Dan. He also understood her.
Daniel laughed. “You this girl, you get P o!” He uttered while both of laughed.
‘Who’s she to you oh?’ Gloria asked.
‘Just a close friend of mine.’ He replied smiling.
‘Then what now made it so difficult to the extent of slapping the Princess?’ She asked.
‘She was insulting her and disgraced her because of our closeness. The King and Queen sef said I must date her.’ He uttered in a low tone.
Bibi sighed deeply and smiled. She cleared her throat once more.
‘Then do it.’ She uttered.
‘Do?…’ Daniel asked staring at her closely.
Do?… He asked satring at his mum.
Gloria adjusted how she was sitting and smiled. ‘Yes, the King has just spoken, those that told you to be in a relationship with there daughter are in the place of authority. Since you are not going out with the other girl, I’ll like you to date her.’ She addressed.
“Mum! I don’t love her! I don’t want her!’ He shouted.
‘Imagine. Because of what you did for him, he made you someone living in the palace and attending a great university. He changed our lives here also and has made me a happy woman again. Don’t you know he has no male child and when he dies you’ll be the next King.’ She uttered.
‘Since Princess Ruth has no elder sister, she won’t marry before her now.’ Bibi said.
‘Yes oo.’ Gloria replied.
‘You people won’t understand. I’ve got to get going now.’ He said and took his stand.
Darasimi left the school as early as possible, she passed market side so as to buy her mother things she may need. She was excited as she headed home, she got inside the house and met her mother sleeping.
She dropped her belongings in the room and rested. She brought out her phone and noticed she had three whatsapp messages. She was happy meeting her phone that way. It was Daniel that sent her a message that she should watch her movement these days, he doesn’t know if anything could happen.
She was scared by this message. ‘Is the Princess in charge of this?’ She asked herself quietly. She heard a terrible knock at the door. Olufunke also woke up, they were frightened.
…To be continued
Hmmm…. Things are getting to difficult-part now!!! Maybe Daniel is suspecting Queen that the Queen is after Darasimi!!! Hope nothing bad happen to Darasimi!!!!!
Gloria, Don’t just tell Daniel to do what he doesn’t feel like doing OUT of fear or pleasure!!!! Daniel is a man,he will sort himself out!!!
Luv Ȋ̝̊̅§ nt do or die tinz…..king free dan to date his choice.