Total Love Episode 31


Princess’ friends had been watching the scene since they started shouting at themselves. They rushed downstairs on seeing a dirty slap landing on her face, it was that exact time she had her asthmatic attack. Daniel was confused, he shouted at his friends to get him the inhaler, he must save her soul since he caused it.
‘Rachael was standing, she grumbled throughout. Beatrice got the inhaler with immediate effect panting. She got well few minutes later, this time, Rachael had called the King himself and told him about the incident. She explained how Daniel slapped Ruth also in public and she had an attack immediately.
The king was infuriated. He stood up at once on the throne and ordered for his depature from palace that minute to see “his only daughter.” As he used to say.
Not minding whether it was girls’ hostel or not, Daniel already took his seat beside the princess with a hand fan blowing air to her. He was so much angry that was why he had to slap her.
In no time, the hostel was filled, the King arrived, several students who didn’t leave their various rooms got out to see see the King that minute and admired him. The guards got her into the Toyaota Sienna car they brought along and headed to the Hospital.
The king avoided Daniel, he shunned him and even refused him to follow them to the hospital or step there to see how well she would be. Daniel wasn’t really disturbed, he thought in him that at least this would have taught her a lesson that one doesn’t poke nose into another person’s affairs and don’t insult anyone because of the position.
He headed to the hostel and got some rest, few minutes later, the King called him.
The king called him to come to the hospital. He changed the cloth he was putting on to a white lace material and hurried there. For the King to have left the palace, his daughter meant so much to him then.
He met the King in the car. The air conditioner was on, he sat there and was depressed. He wondered why all had gone wrong with him. He remembered his childhood friend who also had that ailment. He was so sad because asthma eventually killed that his friend. He thought of how he met his wife and some other ladies, he smiled and shook his head, although not happy.
The King lifted his head and saw Daniel beside the car. He let him in, Daniel sat beside him in the car, looking cool and remorseful. “What really happened?” The King asked with a soft voice.
‘Dad, she caused it. She insulted and abused my friend in public, she disgraced her and did different things to her because she said she loves me. Although rather surprising to say to me myself not to talk of you that is hearing me. She lambasted my friend and I and called us useless. I then warned her that calling someone a useless person is wrong and I’ll be mad at her when next I hear it, never knew she would say it again. She made me loose my temper to the extent of..’ He paused and put his head down.
‘Of what?’ The king asked softly.
‘Slapping her sir. I didn’t even know what happened would happen.’ He bowed fearfully.
‘Will it ever tell you it would happen? It won’t. How dare you raise your hand and beat up the princess, despite the fact that you know her state of health. It annoys me when I remember that it was from you, let’s assume it was from an outsider, I can’t tell where he or she will be at this moment. I would have made life miserable for the human.’ He uttered.
The Doctor appeared beside the car door. He bowed and smiled. The glass was shut down so they would be able to discuss properly.
“She’s now okay sir. What happened was a minor issue.” The doctor said.
“Thank my goodness.” He smiled and said inwardly.
‘Thanks Doctor, can she be discharged now?’ The King asked.
‘Yeah, certainly sir.’ He bowed and left his presence to get the Princess. Treatments for Royal family was usually free.
Daniel excused himself and got down on seeing Ruth coming. He opened the door so wide so that she would be able to enter, he stopped the guards from doing the work. Ruth stared at him and smiled.
She waved at him and uttered. “Hi love.”
Daniel wondered what was wrong with her. Firstly, despite the fact of what he did to her, she came out and said “hi love.” He laughed to himself.
He watched the cars as they left the hospital. He took a bike and followed them straight to the palace. The bike dropped him at the junction of the palace’s estate, he walked to the palace sweating.
He walked into the main door and led to where the King was sitting. The maids ushered Ruth inside her room, she was not all that balance. The King sighted him and called him to his side so they would continue with their discussion.
‘Yeah, as were saying. The lady she insulted, who is she to you?’ He asked.
Daniel took off his face and used his index finger to scratch his head. He was smiling a liitle, didn’t want him to be seen by the King.
‘Answer me, we don’t have all the time.’ The King exclaimed.
‘A close friend dad.’ He replied, his two hands were together, he couldn’t look at the face of the king. He was mute.
‘Since she’s just a close friend, I’d like a relationship of you and my daughter as the Queen discussed with me.’ He uttered.
‘Huh?’ He looked at the eyes of the King.
‘Yeah, I’ve not pleaded with you but commanding you as a father and King.’ He uttered.
Daniel was quiet.

Daniel headed to his mother’s place to greet her after he reluctantly stood up from the side of the King. He was somehow annoyed but couldn’t show it. He got to the place while Bibi rushed out, looking more beautiful, she drove the wheel chair as fast as possible.
‘Girl, you’re looking more gorgeous!’ He admired and hugged her.
‘You are looking more handsome too bro.’ She winked back.
Daniel managed to smile, although not that happy. He turned the wheel chair and drove her in. Gloria walked out of the room to see who was at the door that has made Beatrice so happy and saw Daniel.
‘You this foolish boy!’ She uttered with an angry face.
…To be continued