Total Love Episode 30


Daniel was taking the refreshments when Ruth thought of what she could bring up as a topic. She smiled and face him. “Just tell me three people that mean so much to you.” She continued smiling, expecting him to mention her name.
“Those are my mother, sister and …” He paused.
Ruth smiled, “me abi?” She asked in her mind.
DARASIMI. He concluded.
‘Ruth changed her face but pretended as if she was pleased with what she said. “I don’t know this kind of meeting mum was called for. I’m pissed.” She uttered.
“You are pissed? Simply because I didn’t mention your name right.” He laughed.
‘Huh? What, iu wasn’t expecting my name before. Why do you think like this!’ She frowned and hissed.
‘I just keep on wondering why God has put me in the palace.’ He smiled.
‘That will be because of me. You saved my life, have you forgotten?’ She smiled.
NO, NOT YOU. He said sharply.
“Anyhow!” She concluded.

The school resumed back to work, now in 200 level. Everyone was quite more serious with their various studies. Dammy the play boy also turned a new leave and started attending classes better than before.
Darasimi was just coming back from the class when she saw Ruth and her friends who stood by the way. She halted to at least say “HI” to them. She greeted and was about leaving, although the princess and her friends didn’t reply when Stella drew her back through the collar of the shirt she was putting on.
“Excuse me.” She frowned as she got to their front.
‘Why do you keep stepping beyond your bounds!’ Stella shouted and slapped her.
WHAT! Darasimi exclaimed.
‘You just like snatching what doesn’t belong to you and can never be. Release Daniel now!’ Rachael stared at her with an annoying face.
She kept her left hand on her left cheek where Steela slapped her and continued staring at them as they addressed her.
‘I don’t have much to say, you’ve heard them!’ Beatrice said and gave a wicked laughter.
Princess Ruth drew her closer to herself. “You are a child of nobody, even if you are killed now, nobody is going to know that. Step aside, you will be hurt if you don’t!” She uttered gently.
They turned back and was about leaving, when Darasimi replied them.
‘Hello, I’m not a radio, neither a television that can’t respond. I’m a lady of pride, dignity and integrity. Which do you have? Go and think about it!’ She uttered.
Ruth stared at her for a while and just laughed. “A normal human being will see you and even notice the signs of insanity in you!” She addressed.
‘I care less about all what you utter with your mouth. Before you got to know him, I’ve known him and we’ve been dating, so what’s the muscle all about?’ She said.
‘The battle line has just been drawn, let’s see who wins. You fool.’ Rachael uttered and eyes Darasimi.
‘One thing is that its just someone with a certain characteristic will know if another person has. Its just because you are fools, that’s why you can notice a foolish behaviour in me & wait, I’m not a fool, I reserve my comment.’ She uttered.
Ruth shook her head with anger as if she was pitying her. “I just dey pity this chick, I go tell my guys to whooz you.’ She said.
Darasimi left them talking and walked out on them. She brought out her phone immediately she left and called Daniel about what just happened. She hurried back to the hostel, she met Rachel outside the door to their room, she walked beside her angrily and entered into her room.

The Queen was refreshed after taking two apple fruits. She ordered for her phone so as to hear from Ruth. Ruth started all the discussion from the alpha to the omega. The Queen smiled and told her not to worry, she would deal with the case PERSONALLY.
She thought on how she could start her investigation about the lady “Darasimi” her daughter said to her. She sent her a message for the full description of the lady and everything she knows about her.
Daniel was at the front of the girls’ hostel when he called Ruth on phone to come out to see him. She was delighted and thought of something else. She came out in a bump short and a tank top. She wore a heavy make up and was smelling so nice.
Daniel eyed her as she was approaching. “Useless girl.” He said in her.
‘Hi Dan.’ She smiled and greeted.
“Don’t ‘hi’ me Ruth. Keep the hand you are stretching for handshake too. I’ve always known you’ll f–k up. I’ve told you before I even set my eyes on you, I’ve been dating Darasimi, what on earth do you think you are doing!” He exclaimed.
‘Man! You are shouting. I’m a princess remember.’ She paused. “I get whatever I want, either easily or by force if it doesn’t want to be left.” She smiled.
‘Do you now think someone like me can be snatched? That girl you harassed helped me through my waec fees when my useless father neglected me because I do rebuke him behaviors. She suffered from her parents to make me who I am, God blessed me through her, how can I just let her go!’ He shouted.
‘That’s just a story. If its money you want, I’ll give you to the extent you’ll complain of it being too much. I’m tired of this useless girl…”
‘And if you ever say that word “useless” again…’
‘What will you do to me.’ Ruth said.
Temitope sighed and shook his head. ‘Till then.’ He uttered.
‘Not till then because its now. She’s a useless fool!’
Temitope moved closer to her and gave her a slap.
..To be continued