Total Love Episode 29


The Queen sat in her room, resting beside the dressing mirror. She thought on how she could make Daniel and Ruth best of friends so that they’ll love each other.
She smiled on getting an idea of how she could start. She dressed up and walked outside the room. She gave her handbag to the maid at the right side of the door and walked downstairs. Adjusting her hair, she remembered she had to call Daniel and Ruth, she pretended as if she wanted to have a nice time with them.
She walked outside to the compound first, called the driver and spoke with him. “After five minutes of getting to where you’ll take me and my children to, you should call my number, we’ll leave there and behave as if I have a meeting.” She said.
‘Alright your highness.’ He bowed.
She walked back inside and walked up the stairs, went to Daniel’s room and knocked. Daniel came out of the room, he was reading a novel then. “Go and dress up, we just want to have a nice time.” She said, smiling.
‘Nice time? No problem ma.’ He smiled & closed the door.
“Which kind nice time be this now, just want to get prepared to go and greet my mum and sister, even say hi to Dara. I pray we come early.” He murmured as he flung his novel on the bed and walked inside the bathroom.
Queen walked up to Ruth’s room also to tell her that. Her plan was to take them there and desert them so that they could talk and gist.
KINGLY_ JOE BAR AND GAME CENTER, it was a four-storey building, painted white down. The Queen took inside Daniel and Ruth, they took the elevator to the game reveserve center. As they were sitting to start gisting, the Queen’s phone rang and she stood up, went to a corner to receive the call.
“Meeting?” She shouted in pretense. “I’ll be right there.” She concluded.
‘I’m having a serious meeting now, I’ll be right back to pick both of you. She uttered and left without hearing a word from them.
“What’s the meaning of this now?” Daniel asked himself.
Queen took the elevator down, smiling at her intelligence. She walked to the car and gave the driver five thousand naira.
‘That’s for the airtime.’ She laughed. “Nice job!” She concluded.