Total Love Episode 28


Princess kept on laughing. She didn’t want to tell the queen but eventually spoke out. “Mum, its just that its an issue of a guy and not an issue of a guy.” She uttered.
‘So can I know what that out rightly means, my daughter?’ Queen smiled.
‘Mum, you can’t understand. I don’t want to trouble you, so don’t be troubled.’ She said.
‘One thing I love in my like is trouble, that’s why I must know.’ Queen uttered, continued smiling.
Both laughed out.
“Alright mum. Its a guy issue.” She laughed.
‘Dear daughter, can I know the lucky guy, trying to disturb my daughter?’ She winked and smiled.
‘Mum! Queen!’ She exclaimed laughing.
‘Sure, I’m your mother. I can be of help to sort things out.’ She continued smiling.
‘That’s true but in this case, I don’t want to get you involved.’ Princess shook her head.
“Alright, If you insist. I’ll carry out my secret investigations on the guy and at the end you’ll know me as I am.’ She uttered laughing.
‘Mum!’ Princess shouted smiling at her.
‘Are you now ready to tell me the guy?’ Queen asked.
‘Alright mum. Its…’ She paused.
‘Who now? You better talk!’ Queen said watching Ruth’s mouth closely.
DANIEL. She said.
‘DAN?’ Princess asked.
‘DAN?’ The Queen asked.
‘Y.. Yes..’ Ruth stammered.
Queen started her laughter back. “You this lady, you can kill someone o. Tell me you’re joking.’ She stared at her.
‘Mum, I’m not o. I really mean it.’ She uttered.
‘So, is that you are now frowning? At least you are not to young for that now. Don’t worry, leave everything to your mother.’ She laughed.
“Mum, he already has someone he’s going out with.” Ruth said frankly.
‘Leave everything unto me, I said! Now, be happy and cheerful. I’ll take care of the remaining.’ The queen promised.
‘Alright mum. I trust you. Its not easy.’ She laughed.
‘Good, just let’s go.’ She drew her off the bed.

Daniel was sitting by the King and was blowing the mouth organ for him. King relaxed on the throne, the guards stood close to him. One was fanning him with a specially made hand fan. Although Air Conditioner is present in the palace, but the king hates it, likewise Daniel too.
One of the maids walked quietly to the palace and knelt before the throne. “The food is ready your majesties.” She addressed the King and Daniel.
Daniel took off the mouth organ from his mouth and faced the king.
“Thanks miss. You may go.” King waved.
‘Are you going to the dinning now, or should I continue dad?’ Daniel asked.
“Let’s go and eat.” The King uttered.
The Queen and Ruth were already on the dinning chairs. They were sitting, waiting for the arrival of the King before they start eating.
“Welcome, your highness.” The Queen greeted.
“Thanks.” He replied and sat down.
The 6-cliques had called one another to meet at “DAVE KENLY RELAXATION CENTRE AND GYM.” They all arrived almost the same time to gist and ask of their various results. They were all looking handsome in their dresses.
They sat by the pool side, taking ice-cream and eating snacks. It was only Dammy who had the lowest G.P out of them all.
They all started abusing him about the issue of loving ladies so much. He was admonished by them all and promised to turn a new leaf.
Although, Tade wasn’t that different too, but he’s better and passed than Dammy. They all got swimming trunk and started swimming after they eaten.
They played together in water and played various games. Indeed, they were best of friends!