Total Love Episode 27


Daniel was sitting at the garden calling Darasimi on his cell phone. Ruth was behind him throughout the making of the call. She hid herself so that she would not be seen by Daniel. She still wondered till she walked swiftly back to her room upstairs. She slept on the bed, taking all the space. She was somehow depressed and unhappy. Few minutes later, The Queen knocked on the door softly. She came to check on Ruth because she had been in her room since, it was Daniel’s voice she heard that made her trace him to the garden. She changed her posture and look immediately she heard the knock on the door.
‘Who’s there?’ She asked, clearing her throat and started at the door. The queen opened the door and came right inside. She wasn’t expecting her, it was a kind of surprise seeing her just come into her room to check on her. MOM! She smiled and stood up from the mattress, walked towards her to give her a hug.
‘May I know what’s wrong with my beautiful and adorable daughter. The Princess of thisbgreat Kingdom, daughter of a great and mighty King?’ She smiled.
Princess Ruth smiled back and uttered “NOTHING”.
“You can’t tell me nothing, dear. I know you, you know me too quite well.” She paused and walked to her mattress and sat down. She continued. ‘I can see it written all over you that something is wrong. It is written all over your face.’
“You’ve caught me mum.” She smiled and walked to the Queen.
The queen laughed out and cuddled her to her side. “Now, tell me what’s wrong with you.”
The princess stared at the Queen. “I don’t know what to really say mum.”
‘You just have to start with something and from somewhere. Is it the issue of a guy?’ She smiled and winked.
The princess laughed.
… be continued. …