Total Love Episode 26


Darasimi was parading the room, looking so angry. She wasn’t pleased with her mother’s speeches with her.
She took her seat and brought out the laptop to browse a little then sleep off. She was doing this until Funke entered into the room. She sat beside her & laid her left palm on her shoulder, also watching what Darasimi was operating on the laptop. She was cold to start talking with her, she stammered & started her discussion with her.
“Darasimi, are you vexed with me?” She asked slowly.
‘Mum, just free me. You’ve not answered me, so why have you now chosen to disturb me now?’ Darasimi uttered & squarely- faced the laptop.
“Me? See my dear, you can’t understand for now only. Just give me some weeks, you’ll soon get.” She uttered humbly.
‘Alright, mum I’ve gotten you.’ She turned sideway and smiled.
“You are a relief now!” Funke exclaimed.
Darasimi smiled.
Daniel entered into the palace without responding the princess’ question…
Daniel was carrying his brown envelope containing his results. He prostrated before the king, smiling at him.
‘I’m back, father.’ he uttered smiling.
‘Just take your stand, you ate my son, you don’t need to be doing all this. ‘ He was smiled back.
Daniel smiled, stood up and walked towards the king to show him his result. He stretched his brown envelope forward to 4he king and was smiling.
“There is no cause to check your results, I trust you so vety mucn, isn’t it you my boy?’ He smiled collecting the envelope from him.
‘Thanks father. ‘ He bowed still amused.
“I’ve been longing for your arrival, just go and pick the mouth something and start blowing it for me.” He smiled to him cuddling him.
Daniel smiled, walking in to get the mouth organ.
Princess felt cold after the departure of Daniel from her without responding her question. Rachel was happy within her that Daniel neglected the princess’ question. She walked up to her looking sad, within her, she was happy. “My princess, hope there’s no problem? She asked steering at her little sad face.
‘Nothing. ‘ She responded, smiling as if nothing went wrong.
“Greatest liar! ” Rachel thought within her, also smiling back like a good friend.