Total Love Episode 25


Victoria, Fredrick mother came out as she was called. Fredrick was so much joyful that time, he sat by the side of the sofa, expecting his beautiful mum outside.
‘What’s this noise about son?’ She came out, walking gently on the tiled floor.
‘Mum just see!’ He smiled, stretching the paper forward to his mother.
‘I’ve told you that its not until I go to oxford I can make it in life!’ He continued.
‘Wao! This is a great result!’ Victoria said surprisingly, as she sat down towards him.
‘Mum, its not easy. You know, as the boss!’ He smiled again.
‘Keep it up son.’ She stretched forward her hand and shook him.

Olufunke got home at last. Darasimi was in the living room alone with her result by her front. She was still happy, and expecting her mum until she heard the door been opened by someone.
She ran up and rushed to Olufunke on seeing her. Olufunke was also surprised meeting her at home. She was so happy and both hugged each other. “You never told me you’d be come here today.’ Olufunke uttered, facing her side and her left hand on Dara’s neck.
‘Mum, a surprise package.’ She replied smiling.
‘That’s great then.’ She replied and sat on one of the plastic chairs.
Darasimi brought out her result and gave it to her. Olufunke didn’t understand what was there, Darasimi explained that she passed to her.
‘I’m so impressed, thank God you are my daughter!’ She smiled.
Darasimi also smiled and brought out her laptop to show her mother that she was given by Daniel.
‘That’s good also, have you shown your father your result?’ She quickly asked.
‘Sure I did. He abused me. Mum, why is it that my father hates us this much. He doesn’t like us at all?’ She asked frowning.
Olufunke smiled to her. “He loves us, but you can’t understand his techniques.” She replied.
‘No mum. He hates us in particular!’ She exclaimed. “He does call me a b—–d sef.” She added.
‘Don’t mind him.’ Olufunke replied.
‘Mum, I’m now minding him. Before, I don’t use to mind whatever he says. Now, to me mum, it looks as if he’s not my father.’ Darasimi uttered.
‘Shut up!’ Olufunke exclaimed, staring at her closely.
‘Mum, get me right! He behaves well to his other wives. Why us alone?’ Darasimi asked sadly.
‘You’ll soon get it. That will be when you’ll get it, not now.’ Olufunke uttered.
‘Mum, you are hiding something away from me?’ Darasimi asked.
‘There is something about the names I gave you. You are Darasimi Enitan, that name “Enitan” means a child of history. There are some things you’ll know but not now.’ Olufunke smiled a little and walked inside.
‘A child of history? Or is this man not my father?’ She asked herself with a low voice.

The palace was filled with the princess’ friends and herself celebrating, by the pool side. They all made good results out of the exam they did.
‘Well, this means that we aren’t dull. We made all our papers and had no carry over.’ Rachael uttered and smiled.
‘That’s awesome, its cool, its gracious. We are just so lucky and it worths us celebrating it as we are doing.’ Stella uttered sipping from the cup of wine.
‘Yes-oo. Wait, when is Daniel checking his result?’ Beatrice asked.
The car hooted outside. It was Daniel who was there and drove in silently.
‘This guy is not a b—–d. He just went to check the result. Let’s see what he has brought.’Ruth said, taking her stand as Daniel walked toward them. He was dressed in a white shirt and a blacker trouser. He held a brown envelope and smiled to them all.
‘Just bring the result like that.’ Ruth uttered smiling and staring at the envelope.
‘Alright, I’m not taking it away, just bringing it to you guys.’ He smiled back and walked up to them and gave the result to princess.
‘This is aweome! 4.62!’ Ruth shouted as they all surrounded her to check the result.
‘You tried Dan, keep it up. The King will be happy to see this!’ Ruth commented smiling.
‘Thanks all.’ He smiled back.
‘Na you oo!’ Beatrice commented laughing to him.
‘Thanks sis.’ He replied, he stretched his hand forward to receive his result from them.
‘Is it true you are dating that girl?’ Ruth asked with a low voice.
…To be continued