Total Love Episode 24


The battle continues between the princess and Darasimi. The princess now developed a kind of hatred towards her, Darasimi never cared, she also started doing things on her own. Daniel called Darasimi the next day to show her his new laptop.
Darasimi was very surprised. Although, she knew the King would do everything he wishes for him but never thought it would be as fast as that.
Weeks later…..
Exams preparation started, everyone now busy with the reading of their books. Many that weren’t serious started their seriousness and various books started getting lost so that people who has never written note would be able to read.
Dammy never began his own reading. He knew the examination was around the corner, that was when he and Tade knew there were some parties they had to catch up with.
The results for the examinations done eventually came out some weeks after. Darasimi got home with her G.P of 3.86. She was totally happy that day, rushed into their apartment and didn’t meet her mother. She couldn’t control her joy, then walked to meet her father to show him the result.
‘Then what’s my own business with this? He shouted.
‘Dad, just want you to know I passed!’ She smiled.
‘How does it concern me. You want to freak me with this paper right? So that I can believe that you are really in a university right? You fools.’ He shouted.
He threw the result on the floor and left her presence. “You’ll soon understand.” Darasimi thought in her and picked up the result on the floor.

Fredrick also made his result, with 4.05. The driver came so early that day and took him home. He got home with joy and happiness written all over his face. He rushed inside the house and went straight into the living room.
The living room was a big one. The floor tiled and everywhere painted cream colour with a brown shining leather sofas there. The center table was made of glass, also sparkling. There was a plasma flat screen television there and everywhere smelling nicely. Most of the things inside the house was imported. They were indeed rich.
“Mum! I’ve made it now!” Fredrick shouted.
… To be continued[