Total Love Episode 23


Daniel and Darasimi were at the library. They planned to meet there, its been a while they’ve seen each other. Darasimi was so happy seeing Temitope it was just as if she won a jackpot. They started gisting about school life and the likes. Temitope brought out his new laptop and gave it to her, he also gave her a new phone.
“Which lappy you go dey use now?’ Darasimi said.
‘You don’t worry about me. I’ll get one soon. Just make sure you don’t loose this one I’ve given you and read whatever you want to read, whatever project should now be easily doe shey?’ Daniel smiled, dipping his hand in his pocket. He brought out a flash and handed it over to her.
‘You make me worry. You know Engineering students are mostly in need of laptop, don’t bother about me. All will be well.’ Darasimi spoke.
‘It seems you now like talking, just take them. You’ll see, just meet me here by 4:00pm tomorrow.
‘Alright, thanks so much.’ Darasimi hugged him. Looking very happy to have a laptop. She walked to her room majestically with the new phone and laptop.
She knocked at the door of the room and entered, still walking majestically.
‘Where this one come see lappy now?’ Seyi was the first to question her in the room.
‘I no know wetin concern you there now. Girl dey flenjure jare!’ Ronke said where she was.
‘Thanks all, this is just a token from a great friend of mine. At least you all won’t be making jest of me now. In fact, I’ve gotten another new and durable phone.’ She smiled and raised it up in the room.
‘Its a pity shola and pamilerin aren’t in presently, they would have laughed at you like mad.’ Seyi laughed.
‘Does it matter? Omo, no trouble me oo.’ Darasimi sat on her bed and opened the laptop.
‘Wait, like seriously. Are you really the owner?’ Ronke asked.
‘Yeah, seriously.’
Daniel hurried to the palace. He got there and met the King without visitors. He quickly told him about his laptop. Although never wanted to lie, he told him that the laptop now has a big problem.
‘You can throw it away. Just go into my room and pick hundred thousand there.’ The King smiled at him.
‘Where exactly sir and I guess its too much dad. Eighty thousand is alright.’ Daniel bowed.
‘In the wardrobe. Nothing is too big for my able son.’ He smiled.
Daniel prostrated and went inside to get the money and went straight to get a new laptop.

To be continued