Total Love Episode 22


The 6-cliques were in the room, each guy on his neatly prepared bed. Fredrick was on his laptop, trying to google-search the assignment a lecturer gave them. Each person was busy on his laptop trying to get the assignment well done.
‘I think I’ve gotten it.’ Faith shouted.
‘Have you seen the exact machine?’ Blessing asked with concern.
‘Yeah, this is it.’ Faith pointed at the screen of his laptop, laughing.
‘I just hope this guy is serious oo, or else you know I’ll beat hell out of you.’ Fredrick smiled.
‘Then he’ll go to heaven.’ Dammy added and smiled.
They all stood up and went towards him. They all sat around him and stared at the laptop. The page was blank, Faith started laughing, ‘I’m just joking.’ He uttered and continued laughing.
‘La what!’ Tade shouted. They all surrounded him and gave him the beating of his life. They all play and gist together in the room, they share their thoughts together and pray together excluding Dammy who nags whenever it comes to praying.
They all returned to their various beds and continued with their work when Dammy received a call, it was from a guy that they nicknamed “Lala” he’s the regular guy that provides him with ladies of different types. He smiled at the phone and picked the call.
‘Ah! Lala, you dey there?’ He sat up.
‘Don’t tell me you want to go and meet that guy!’ Fredrick frowned looking at Dammy. Dammy never payed concentration to what he said, everyone neglected their laptops and focused on him.
‘Alright, I’m already coming.’ He replied Lala and stood up, pulling up his pencil jeans and got his comb from beneath his pillow to comb his afro hair. He smiled at them all.
‘I said I’m sure you are not going to meet that guy, Lala.’ Fredrick repeated.
‘Sure, new babes are on ground guys.’ Dammy uttered and smiled, buttoning his shirt.
‘Babes? Are you okay at all? How many times have we told you to neglect all this issue of babes and let’s face our studies and pass at once!’ Blessing exclaimed.
‘You these guys, for God’s sake free me now. We’ve all been reading all day, searching for that useless man’s foolish assignment. So, why won’t I have a time to wipe off my reading sweat.’ He uttered.
‘On girls right? Peter stared him.
‘Sure, I’m a gay or would I spend it on guys?’ He smiled.
‘Guys free this guy now, let him go and enjoy his life. Wait, is he at the usual place?’ Tade asked.
‘Sure, with hot ones.’ He replied.
‘Then, I’ll be there soon too.’ Tade smiled, Dammy left the room.
Blessing stood up. A tall guy, very brilliant also. There is no day one will see hair on his head, his head is always shinning. He shook his head and sat down back.
‘Guys, why are you disturbing yourselves? This is sweet world and we just have to live in it sweetly!’ Tade uttered.
‘Guy now, don’t vex me with the horrible and annoying words of your mouth!’ Fredrick exclaimed.
Faith smiled. “I guess I’ve seen it, seriously.’ Faith said frankly.
‘It seems you are more serious now.’ Fredrick said and all moved towards him. He was just lying and was beaten again.
The princess and her friends too were just gisting in the room as the princess arrived back to school. Daniel and the Princess arrived a day after the incidence back to school. She started feeding them about the miracle Daniel performed.
‘That guy will be a wonder guy oo.’ Stella wondered.
‘This is more than wonder, it just that his family has broken apart. He has a useless father!’ Ruth uttered.
‘Na Daniel oo!’ Beatrice shouted.
‘The way its doing me sef, I’m just loving the guy more like we should…’ Ruth paused amd sighed.
‘Hmmmmn…’ Rachael stared at her and exhaled.