Total Love Episode 21


Peter was a tall and fair guy. Also brilliant and taciturn, he loved eating so much and hated pride and lies. He was fredrick’s best friend in the room because he was somehow more holy than the other friends left.
Dammy, he was refered to as the Boss. He was a complete womanizer, he loved girls and had interest in them like shi. A fair and tall guy, handsome and had kept afro haircut. He loved wearing pencil jeans and a white top. He was just a dullard that never heed to advice from people.
Faith, a dark and handsome young guy with a white and beautiful set of teeth. He had pink lips and was a neat guy. He was a talkative and also loved food.
Tade was a dark guy also, not very handsome and do have “obama” haircut. He was shorter than all of them and also loved girls. He and Dammy did finish the business about girls together.
Beatrice and Gloria were eventually discharged, the king bought the wheel chair she started using. Gloria was fine, although had several wounds on her body. The King bought them an apartment to be living and commanded the that their marriage should be broken.
Not so long after the King did all this, David heard, he then brought his concubine that had been telling him to beat his wife to death so she would be able to pack in and be the proper wife in and made her his new wife.
The King started catering for their well-being and sent Beatrice to school and furthered her education. He got them a driver and a car that would be driving her to school everyday and dropping her back home. She was lucky.
The King had asked on what he should do to David, maybe banish him or kill him or maybe he should call the commissioner of police because of him. Gloria still pleaded on hid behalf, she pleaded that the King should just leave him and his new family and let peace reign.
Beatrice was just in the living room, on her wheel chair weeping. Her mother, Gloria just came out and met her in that condition.
‘What is it again Bibi, why are you just weeping? You know you are the one that will be petting me if it was me, so tell me, why are thou weeping?’ She asked, standing by her front.
‘Mum, I just thought of everything, I just had a remembrance of how that man pushed me to the mirror and made me someone who can’t bath by herself again, someone who can’t walk around as she wishes, someone who can’t behave like others!’ She cried.
‘You ought to be thanking God, just a little thing that is even not up to this happened to them but they are dead. Who are we to question God. You don’t know if standing up will make you spend a short life on earth.
To be continued